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131Re: almost pennsic..

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  • draculachanter
    Aug 12, 2004
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      > By the way if ANYONE remembers Jocelyn, the person who began the
      > Choir at Pennsic, I would like to find her........if anyone knows
      > her.......I"d appreciate the contact.
      > Erlan

      Hey, me too!!

      One of my most amazing Pennsic experiences ever was the concert we
      did in which the barn was converted into Chartres Cathedral by the
      architecture guild...we did that 24-part canon, remember? I'll never
      forget it, because I was on the first part (and loved every minute of
      it). (I still have the sheet music...what an amazing work!)

      There was a lovely blonde lady from Settmour Swamp whose husband
      taped the whole thing, and said she'd make a copy for me, and damned
      if I didn't lose touch with her. Anyone think they can help with

      Heloise, trotting down memory lane
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