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  • maria daggett
    Jul 19, 2009

      In short - GOOD LUCK

      This will be the first year EVER that I will NOT be present at the Pennsic CHoir.

      It is KILLING ME

      But .... I have some thing else I need to do here in my mundane world that keeps me from war.

      I have been going to Pennsic since 12.

      If I wasn't singing in the choir, I was directing or being co-ordinator.

      I expect someone to get some video clips, or something so that I can "see it" from home.

      I had to go through some folders to find some paperwork yesterday and I came accross a stack of christmas cards from Zach to me. One of them was from 2004. There were reindeer on the cover holding caroling folders. On each folder he had written in red pan
      On the little flag that was next to the choir of reindeer he had written "KWC World Tour"
      and on the back of the reindeer director he had written "Erlan"

      My husband knew how important this Choir is to me and how I have spent time, money, hours of preparation and everything... to keep it going.

      It hurts me not to even be there to listen to the result this year.

      Please, enjoy yourselves, ATTEND REHEARSALS!! and give Mistress Arianna your very BEST. The director works very hard in preparation to give you something wonderful and you are very very lucky to have this opportunity.

      Safe travels to war and know that I will be here in my home, thinking of you and wishing that I could be there (with my husband).

      Thank you for the flowers, the cards and the e mails.

      I will get a chance to respond personally to everyone, I just haven't yet.....but I will.

      The flowers are here with me, at my parent's house where I am staying. The basket is beautiful by the way!!!!!!

      In service

      Erlan Nordenskald  - KWC forever.

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