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126RE: [KWChoir] almost pennsic...and discography

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  • Eric Grace
    Aug 1 5:46 PM
      Scripsit Anne:
      >the recording by Voices of
      >Ascension, "Beyond Chant - Mysteries of the Renaissance."  And this also
      >happens to be one of my most favorite CDs ever.

      Yea, verily!  You will recognize this one at a distance by the hideous pink cover.  Don't let that put you off.  A better "best hits of the renaissance" recording cannot be easily found.  If any of our fellow Christmas-concert-at-Pennsic veterans are on the list, you'll find my pet Sweelinck "Hodie" on that CD as well.
      Oh, and off-topic as heck, but I met my wonderful husband at Pennsic twenty years ago-- Pennsic XIII-- so I hope everyone has a great War this year!
      Humming a few bars,
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