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125almost pennsic...and discography

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  • Anne of Carthew
    Aug 1, 2004
      Hello my friends.
      It's almost pennsic time. I hope you're practicing! (*hint*)

      If you need anything else from me before we actually see each other at choir
      practice, please be sure to contact me before Thursday. Starting Thursday,
      my traveling begins. See you at troll!

      Also, someone suggested that it might be helpful to point to CDs where some
      of our program has been recorded. Good idea. This should not be construed
      as a commercial endorsement, but if you like renaissance music, here's some

      Both "O Sing Joyfully" and "Exultate Deo" is on the recording by Voices of
      Ascension, "Beyond Chant - Mysteries of the Renaissance." And this also
      happens to be one of my most favorite CDs ever.

      "Now is the month of maying" is on a recording of the Cambridge Singers/John
      Rutter, "Flora gave me fairest flowers"

      Amazon seems to show a handful of recordings that include "Angelus ad
      pastores" (Hassler) from which I grabbed the Alleluia, but I don't know any
      of them to recommend. I'm sure I've got tons of christmas recordings that
      must include the "Psallite Unigenito," but not are currently making
      themselves obvious. Likewise for "Pastime"

      And I doubt that there are any recording so "Fertur" - our performance may
      be relatively unique.

      So, 3 recommendations out of 7 pieces. It may help some. See you at the
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