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1243Dimwitted Plead Help, Please

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  • hotcrossbuns_40502
    Jun 20, 2009
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      I enjoyed singing with the group in 2008 and hope to participate in 2009. What would help this dim-witted (unable to read music) gentle would be to hear .mp3s of an alto singing the lyrics (pretty please!!). The .mp3s of the tunes is nice (and I thank those for their efforts) - but for those who not read music (and are unfamiliar with the multiple languages), trying to figure out how the words might pair up with the tunes is very hard. Any volunteers need not worry about not being "perfect." I am so far away from being able to "guess" what the actual songs should sound like now that any clue would help. I would like to get some practice in before Pennsic.

      I utilize the public library and cannot download through e-music - but have had no problems getting the .mp3 files from the KWC pages.

      I am least familiar with the French. I took HS and college
      German (albeit 35 years ago) and have a little familiarity with sounding out Spanish/Latin.

      I live in a Shire of fighters and there is no musical encouragement here.

      Thanks for listening...

      Sincerely, Turgiua Tredhard aka Terry

      PS: Do we know what order to put the songs in our notebook yet? Ok, perhaps I obsess too much.
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