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1189RE: [KWChoir] Keep 'em coming!

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  • Michael R. Murphy
    Apr 21, 2009
      Thank you for your kind words.  My good Lady Jane is changing the midi files to MP3s so I can learn my part while doing lawn work.  (Women! Can't they drive a lawn mower?)  In any case, we will both be cold on arriving at Pennsic.  We camp across from the camp of the Debatable Lands and I hear the rehearsals of the a capella choir daily.  It is a highlight of my summer.  We are looking forward to this and we will serve you  well.


      To: KWChoir@yahoogroups.com
      From: arianna_wyn@...
      Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 08:53:26 -0700
      Subject: [KWChoir] Keep 'em coming!

      Thanks to everyone who has registered for the Pennsic Choir so far!
      So far we have 5 sopranos, 7 altos, 2 tenors and 4 basses - only a little over a week after the registration form went online. That's terrific!
      Please be aware that I am personally responding to everyone who registers. If you do not receive an email back from me within a day or two after registering (less, if it's on a weekday), then please contact me to verify that your registration went through.
      Also thanks to those of you who have indicated that you're willing to sing alternate parts. I prefer to keep everyone on their first choice, but if the numbers are not reasonably balanced I may ask a few people to switch. I will try to make that decision no later than the first week of July. Typically it's altos who are asked to switch to tenor, but only if you've offered - I won't ask those who aren't willing. I may also ask a few sopranos to switch from 1 to 2 or vice-versa where you've indicated that you can do that.
      Thanks, and keep the registrations coming. If you have any questions about the music, don't hesitate to give me a holler.

      Arianna of Wynthrope
      Director, Pennsic 38 Choir

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