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1179Outlands Bardic Circle at Estrella

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  • Jennie Mizrahi
    Jan 25, 2009
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      Permission to cross-post

      is coming.
      And what would war be without song, story and poetry to tell of great
      deeds, great battles won and lost, great loves won and lost, and great
      memories made (and lost to too much imbibing)? If telling, singing,
      or hearing these tales is your idea of fun, come to the Outlands
      Bardic Circle at Estrella on Saturday night after Grand Court. The
      circle will be held at the Unser Hafen encampment, and will be run as
      a play, pick, or pass (not a competition). I will be bringing
      chocolate to distribute to anyone who brings a tear to my eye (sad,
      sentimental, or humorous) with a tale appropriate to the night, the
      Feast of St. Valentine. Bring your voice, bring your friends, bring
      your beverage of choice, and join us for a night of great tales and

      Hope to see you there,
      THL Rivkah Cantor
      Outlands Windhover Bard