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1161Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic 38 plans

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  • Elizabeth Dowling
    Sep 9, 2008
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      Although I really prefer the closing and opening ceremonies, I'll do it
      for the reasons you laid out. At opening ceremonies there is always
      the heat or rain, and everything is martial. At closing ceremonies so
      many people are already leaving. It's just that the choir is competing
      with the fire-eaters at Midnight Madness, and there is a certain
      ambiance of, well, selling, and noisy crowds with little room; and some
      places to stand and perform might actually be "booked" before-hand. I
      remember talking to a performer that was far away from merchants (and
      audience) saying that the other places were already assigned. But,
      there are also a good number of people who just go out to see
      performances, and might want to see some Period music, so it makes
      sense, if we can get a good spot.

      Karen Kasper wrote:
      > Greetings KWC Pennsic Choir members!
      > Thank you to everyone who answered my request for input! It was very
      > interesting to see what everyone is thinking.
      > There was a wide variety of opinions on rehearsal times. I'll have to
      > do a formal tabulation to see what the consensus was (if any) but I
      > think we're likely to remain with afternoon (as opposed to morning)
      > rehearsals. I understand that the choir requires a substantial time
      > commitment, but I don't see any way around that if we want to provide
      > a quality performance - which I know you all do!
      > It sounds like a fair number of people would like to perform more than
      > once. I can certainly understand why - after all that work, it seems a
      > shame to only have one concert!
      > For venues, a few people liked Closing Ceremonies, and some liked
      > Opening Ceremonies. Closing ceremonies is a reasonable option (and it
      > generally takes place in the barn, not on the field) but of course
      > it's at the tail end of Pennsic and not terribly well attended. I
      > don't know about you, but by the end of the week my voice is sometimes
      > gone... :-)
      > Opening ceremonies is appealing from an exposure standpoint, but has
      > some fairly major obstacles. For starters, it happens very early in
      > the war, so most of the choir will have had few (or no!) rehearsals.
      > There's also the issue of acquiring approval from the various
      > kingdoms, who have their own agendas that don't tend to include choral
      > music. While I understand the desire to reach such a wide audience, I
      > think the logistics are rather daunting.
      > The other popular suggestion was Midnight Madness. While this has the
      > drawback of potentially having to read music in the dark, I think it
      > is the most beneficial to the choir. It happens the day before our
      > concert, so we will be pretty well rehearsed by then. It gives us an
      > opportunity to "prime the pump" by exposing shoppers to a taste of our
      > music and, hopefully, luring some of them to our Thursday concert. We
      > can also choose a time and place convenient to most of the choir
      > members, without having to get approval from anyone else. To mitigate
      > the "singing in the dark" problem, I suggest choir members look into
      > acquiring battery-powered electric candlesticks. I've used these in my
      > tent and my kids' tent for years, since they provide light without
      > risk of fire. You can usually pick them up cheap right after Christmas
      > at craft stores or JoAnn Fabrics. :-)
      > So, how many people would be willing and available to sing a piece or
      > two at Midnight Madness?
      > Arianna of Wynthrope
      > Director, Pennsic Choir 38
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