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  • erlannordenskald
    Jul 7, 2008
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      Please look in the FILES section for a new folder called Pennsic 2008
      which contains the sheet music for 6 out of 8 songs. I dont' have
      digital files for the other 2... yet.
      There is another file for the MIDI files for the music. Please note
      that only one tune is done so far and the others will be up... when
      they're done...

      SOrry it's taken me so long for this program.

      You'll find that for me.........this is an unusual programme... I'm
      more of a traditional.... find the obscure.....use as close to
      original notation as possible.......kind of director. This time, I
      chose music that there is a good chance you might know.... or at elast
      know of.

      I will have more "original" copies with me at war should anyone want
      them. For now... use the copies in the Files section.

      The Theme for this concert is "Christmas in August"
      I'd like you to get your own folders, red or black is fine with me.
      Make sure you have a pencil with you at the rehearsals. All text is
      either English, Latin or Spanish... nothing awful to learn this year.
      All edits are done in easy to read rhythm........(ack) and the text
      is already underlayed.

      Clothing is your choice. Remember, it will be very warm on stage so
      you may want to keep it light. If you'd like to do a more Holiday
      themed clothing, I won't stop you!! Of course, that type of clothing
      would be for colder weather.....and for Pennsic.....that might be..
      uh.. not comfortable.

      OH, there's also a file in there called rehearsal and that contains
      the rehearsal details and translations.

      At this point I am entertaining volunteers for sectional directors...
      PLEASSE e mail me off list and volunteer.

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