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Home at last -- Ari, Blue, tag Rio, Open

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  • lady_arianna18
    *After running in to Baz on there walk home things seem to get cold between Rio an Ari. She hadn t done anything that she new of but it seemed as though Rio
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      *After running in to Baz on there walk home things seem to get cold between Rio an Ari.  She hadn't done anything that she new of but it seemed as though Rio was angry at her.   Once the shack came in to site Arianna sighed and but the baby back down she had carried her since the child had run off.*

      Ari: finaly home, thank the stars.

      *Arianna and blue were the first to the door so they had to wait on Rio to unlock the door an let them in*

    • lady_arianna18
      *After running into Baz on there walk home, things seem to get cold between Rio an Ari. She hadn t done anything that she knew of but it seemed as though Rio
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        *After running into Baz on there walk home, things seem to get cold between Rio an Ari.  She hadn't done anything that she knew of but it seemed as though Rio was angry at her.   Once the shack came in to site Arianna sighed and put the baby back down; she had carried her since the child had run off.*

        Ari: finaly home, thank the stars.

        *Arianna and blue were the first to the door so they had to wait on Rio to unlock the door an let them in*

        *Rio walked up beside Ari and looked straight ahead at the door. He stood there for a few seconds, breathing, his lips pressed hard together. Then he took out his key, unlocked the door, stood back to let Ari and her kid walk through into their home.*

        *Arianna and blue entered the dark shack they called home. Ari went straight to the counter and lit a lamp, blue went strayight for her toys.  the baby sat in her corner plaing, Ari went back to Rio's side*

        Ari: Is everything ok? you've been so quiet since we left the anchor?

        *Rio put the key in his pocket. He still stood outside the door, lookin' in.*

        Rio: *cold voice* No, I been quiet since we ran into yer good buddy Baz. You wanna tell me what the two of you got goin' on? More 'n more, I'm wonderin' about the history between you two, and if it's just history.

        Ari: *sighs* I told you already Baz and I are just friends. We care about each other and don't want to see anything bad happen. (even though Baz already thinks some thing bad has happened to me) *she didn't speek this thought aloud knowing it would anger Rio more*  We worry about each other, just like a worry about Maggie at the Anchor, Cecily alone on the beach, and Val because i haven't seen her in days.  There all important to me an Blue and I are important to them.

        *Arianna took the hand of his uninjerd arm an lay her head on his uninjured shoulder*

        Ari: There is no need for you to be jealous, or worry about Baz.  I love you, I'm here with you, I want to be with you.  *extra emphasis on the word you*

        *Rio looked thoughtful.*

        Rio: You know Baz is with the Vamps now, right? Some say he's Jet's right-hand man these days...

        Ari: Yeah I know he's a Vamp, but up until she tried to have you killed Jet an I had no qualms, nor did Baz an I. (I still believe Baz is a good guy) *another thought she didn't share with Rio*  what do you want me to do?

        Rio: I dunno. Dammit, I dunno.

        *He pushed past her into the large room and started looking around for something to drink. He was frustrated and in pain and wasn't sure what to do next. All he could think to do was drink to dull the pain and then try and clear his head and just think. Dammit he needed to think!*

        *Arianna watched Rio, she new what he wanted she didn't really want to give it to him but she didnt know what else to do.  She walked back inside an went to the counter, were she clmbed up an began rummaging through the verry top shelf. reaching way in the back she pulled out two jars of brown liquid. after climbing down she set the jars on the table an pulled out the chair*

        Ari:  That's the last of the whiskey I had gotten.  Do you want anything else?

        *Rio sat down at the table in front of the bottles. Instead of diving right in, he put his good elbow on the table and leaned his forehead on his fist. After a few seconds of silence, he took a deep breath, opened one of the bottles and took a long pull of the potent stuff. Then he set it down, wiped his mouth, and looked directly into Ari's face.*

        Rio: Yeah, I want something else. I want to know where Jet is vulnerable. I want to hurt her, Ari. I want to hurt her like she's hurt us. Me. Can ya help me with that?

        *Arianna begins to prepare food for her and the baby*

        Ari: I'll do my best, but I don't really know to much about Jet. Are you absolutely positive it was her anyway?  If she has a weakness it's not going to be easy to figure out.

        *Rio hugged his bottle and stared toward the door, lost in thought.*

        Rio: *dead even voice* Mebbe easier than we think. Mebbe you can just ask your friend...Baz.

        *Ari sets a plate filled with fruit, cheese, bread and dried fish an meat on the table. she grabs the baby an sits across from Rio*

        Ari: That's a good idea i could ask him, doesn't mean he'd tell me though. it's just like when he asked about you an I told him to butt out.  he could also lie to me.  (i think Baz would just not tell me rather then lie)

        *As she spoke Ari feed the baby, an herself from the plate*

        Ari: Help yourself, that's dinner.

        Rio: *mumbles* Don't want any dinner. *takes another drink, still thinking* You could work on him, get him to tell ya....

        Ari: I doubt it, Baz isn't interested in me that way, we are just friends.  he knows me well enough that he wont fall for the damsel in distress act.

        *Rio took another drink. And another. And another. The silence went on as he stared toward the door, his brain beginning to dull out. Finally he spoke again.*

        Rio: *low, even voice* Awright. Awright. You've told me what ya can't do. I got it. Yeh. *shakes his head, not looking at her* They tried to kill me, Arianna. Why don't you tell me what ya can do?

        Ari: I never said I cant do it, or that i wouldn't try.  I just saying it would be extremely difficult.  An that i am not promising results.  As for what else I can do, I can take care of you till you heal up.  I can do my best to protect you so it doesn't happen again. And as always I can try to make you happy.

        *Suddenly Rio was feeling very very irrational. Very frustrated. Very angry. And...very scared. And that just made him madder, at himself and the world. He slammed his fist on the table and staggered up from the table away from Arianna. He kept his face turned away so she wouldn't see him fighting emotions that probably showed up in his face.*

        Rio: Then do ssomethin'! Dammit, just do somethin'! Cuz if you can't, and it means I gotta hire an army to sort this out. That's what I'm gonna do!

        *He threw hisself down on the bed and then cussed a blue streak when the pain jagged up his arm.*

        *Arianna and the baby were startled by Rio's reaction. Blue began to cry. Ari quickly soothed her child and put the baby to bed. Arianna then went to Rio's side*

        Ari: *sat so she was faceing Rio* It's late, what do you want me to do tonight.  Shall i go back out an try to find Baz again, or stay here with you an Blue?

        *Rio pushed his face into the pillow, damning the pain and damning Jet and damning everything. Maybe it was gonna take an army.*

        Rio: *mumbles into the pillow* I dunno. Whatever. Surprise me. I can't tell ya what to do all the time, Ari.

        Ari: well then, I'll do what you want, I'll do whatever is n my power to work on getting information out of Baz, but not tonight.  tonight i'm here to take care of you.  you said you didnt want food, do you want the nasty red roots so you can be in no pain and sleep, or looks like there is a few more swallows of the brown liquor?  or do you want me?

        *For a long time Rio didn't answer. When he did, it was a muffled snore from his face in the pillow. Either stress or anger or exhaustion or just enough booze had finally put his lights out. He was still restless, his arms and legs twitchin' now and then, but he was asleep.*

        *Once she realizes that he has passed out Ari gets the last of the booze and places it were Rio can reach it if he wakes. She checks on her baby then cleans up dinner and heads to bed.  Arianna lays there next to Rio watching him, her mind unable to shut down and allow her to sleep.*

        *It got later and Rio was still sleeping restless. Every time he moved his arm, he moaned deep in his sleep. But maybe its dreams as much as pain making him restless. He mumbled in his sleep. At first the words were too low and indistinct for Arianna to understand, if she's awake and listening. But then Rio started thrashing about harder and his voice turned into a shout.*

        Sleeping Rio: No--no! It's not like that! Ari--where is she? You can't have her--Arianna? Where are you? Nobody can take you away from me--Arianna! Arianna!

        *Arianna had been laying with her back to Rio, she still couldn't sleep and had been tracing the pattern of the paper on the walls humming softly to herself. When Rio began to thrash and holler Arianna was quick to react, she rolled and then pulled Rio so he was facing up. After straddlng his waist Ari leaned pressing as much of her weight as possible on Rio's chest, pinning him to stop the thrashing. she reached out with one hand cupping his face, and spoke loudly but soothing words*

        Ari: Rio, baby its alright.. No one has taken anything. ssshhhh your all right, an Im here Ari is here calm down an wake up. *leans in kissing him gently on his forehead* calm now baby wake up.

        *Rio's body went limp. His breathing was shallow but regular and the dream still held him. His face was wet with tears he would NEVER admit shedding to anybody. His eyes were closed and he was still mumbling, but the mumbling was fading as sleep pulled him back deep under.*

        Sleeping Rio: I'll kill ya first. I'll kill y'all..........

        Ari: *still in her same position, speaks softly n Rio's ear* Ssshhhh babe, i'm here, Ari's here.  theirs no need for violence. let the dreams fade away, I'm here an i'm not going anywhere. *Kisses his cheek*  Ssshhhh, now, we are safe at home in our little snack stand.

        *Arianna could see the blood welling under the bandage and knew Rio had reopened his wounds. she needed to get him calm and back to sleep before she could deal with that.*

        *Maybe it was her voice. Maybe it was her body heat. Maybe it was just the dream finally lettin' him go. Rio's body got still and his breathing got easier. It seemed like he was finally in some kinda restful sleep.*

        *Arianna sighed and was on her feet as quick as she could once Rio's breathing leveled out. First thing was water, she needed to clean and re bandage Rio's shoulder. but she also needed him to be out enough to sleep through it. the red roots, Cecily said he had to chew them but there was nothing for it.  Arianna cut the root put them in the mortar and began crushing them with the pestle. after adding water and removing the root shells Ari sat on the floor and spooned the liquid in to Rio's mouth hoping he would swallow reflexively.*

        *Nothing happened at first. Then Rio took a breath and started choking a little, which made him swallow to clear his throat. He didn't wake up.*

        *Arianna was so glad when he swallowed the liquid down, yeah it had started out choking him but it went down. she took a quick breath then removed the blood soaked bandage, assessing the damage. in his thrashing Rio had pulled the stitches they hadn't torn completely but that is were the blood was coming from. Ari got to work gathering what she would need, fresh bandages, water an cloth to clean the wound. She gathered some save she had, and she also began cutting long thick strips from the fabric she had gotten to make curtains with.*

        Ari: *speaks out-loud but still to herself* Ok here goes.

        *Straddling his waist again just in case she needed to hold him down again, she dunked a cloth in the water, rung it out and slowly began to clean the blood from around the wound, waiting to see if there was a reaction from Rio*

        *Whether it was the booze or the herbs or just exhaustion, Rio lay still as a stone.*

        *Arianna was so thankful when Rio didn't move or react to her touch. she quickly and efficiently cleaned his wound, covering it with the salve and new bandages. the next part was tricky, with a bit of effort and struggle she maneuvered Rio so she could get the four long strips of fabric under him. Once that was done Ari began binding Rios arm to his body with the strips. Ari placed Rio's arm bent at the elbow against his chest and wound the strips around his arm and then tied it tightly to his chest.  When she was finally finished Rio's arm was practically immobile, she was sure he'd be pissed when he woke but she didn't care.*

        Ari: *again speeking to herself* glad that done.

        *Arianna quickly cleaned up, checked on her baby who miraculously slept through it all and got back in bed next to Rio. her insomnia from earlier was gone and Arianna was out almost as soon as her head hit the pillow*

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