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40951Morning News -Bob's Bar -Open

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  • Mary Lumsden
    Dec 6 2:01 PM
      * A loud boisterous laughter occurred over at Bob's bar. Saber was
      eating breakfast, and was reading out loud the newest edition of the
      daily news. Since so many kids couldn't read, it helped ensure that
      everyone got the news. *

      There was fun injections of commentary that occurred as she read off
      the headlines, jokes and various tangents.

      The Wave Riders news had some decent cheers, and comments on their
      Surfing prowess.

      She had just gotten down to the Notices and Ad's parts, and starting
      on the Miracle Medicine bit when the laughter drowned her out. She
      stopped and waited, scanning the rest of the ad..

      Seriously, fixes broken hearts?
      What if its true?
      If you think thats true, I got bridge I can sell you -real cheap.

      *The banter continued for a couple of minutes before it quited down
      enough for Saber to read some more.*

      Saber read through the other ads without too much interruptions

      **The next FARMERS’ FAIR is coming up at the end of the week. Watch
      for more booths & tents going up on the beach, as well as more
      strangers in town.

      *cheers and chatter on what ll be available.*

      ** The RUSTY ANCHOR on Schooner Boulevard is under new management.
      Anybody needing a job or more info should ask for Maggie. She’ll help
      you out.

      **lots of murmurs at a job posting, Saber figured Maggie would have
      lots of applicants**

      **Got a machine that ain’t working? Bike chain broke? Need a
      custom-built item? See Chad at his shop. Fair rates.

      *This time there was interest combined with 'tales' * Mechanic? Maybe
      he can fix my MP3 player.
      Just dont step off the path. Damn area is booby trapped.
      Or worse.
      Always with the tales, he got that wagon going with no issues.

      ** Need something unusual or rare? Something you aren’t finding no
      matter how hard you look? Then see Saber, who can usually be found at
      Bob’s Beach Bar. She’ll be glad to assist you. For a price!

      *there was some teasing with Saber reading her own ad, but hey had to
      read it all*

      **You can get the best deals on herbs, plants, and concoctions from
      Cecily, formerly of Fort River and well-known there for her teas and
      cures. Look for her on the beach. She’s looking for a permanent shop,
      so if you know of a building or space available, let her know!

      Heck yes! Finally someone who makes sense. Damn if she doesnt know her
      stuff. She tells you whats in her stuff too, no mysterious stuff,
      fixed me up tea for that cought I had.

      Tea? How about spices? Food can actually have flavor for a change!

      *Saber was glad to hear so much word of mouth on Cecily. She'd worked
      hard to earn her reputation back in Fort River, and now here.

      *Saber went thru the chit-chat section pretty fast. Quite a few
      people took note of the fresh water suggestion or nodded knowingly
      having already figured it out. Still knowledge was important and
      fresh water was precious thing at the ocean's edge.

      After she finished reading, Saber tucked the copy into her shirt and
      dug into her breakfast. Next stop was gonna be the Rusty Anchor , and
      repeat the reading if Maggie didnt mind.