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Re: [KS_and_KC_GenOne_Rockers] A Last Minute Plea For Votes

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  • Douglas Watt
    I would imagine they will all three get in . It is funny that six of ten will be inducted, and is The Kansas Music Hall of Fame, and very possible that all
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      I would imagine they will all three get in .  It is funny that six of ten will be inducted, and is The Kansas Music Hall of Fame, and very possible that all six could be from Kansas City Mo, or Kansas City area,  It would be nice to see at least three acts from Kansas proper get in, and Allen being on the board, please make sure you put your votes that way when you meet to pick the inductees, it is only fair.  Are you listening other board members?????

      Allen Blasco <allenblasco@...> wrote:
      Hello All,
      As usual, I'm doing this at the last minute. I know I promised to
      lobby in detail for three KC bands: Mac Truque, The Fabulous Four, and
      The Classmen. It's been a ridiculously busy month, and I don't always
      have use of a computer, time got away from me, etc., etc. I have a
      little something to say about each of these bands for those of you
      still on the fence voting-wise:

      I didn't turn 18 until March of '69, so I didn't get much opportunity
      to see live music in bars (unless I was playing there, of course). The
      Truque used to play Johnson County Rec Center (Coya's Castle) on a
      fairly regular basis, and that was an all-ages venue I could go to.
      What a band! The sax player sounded like Junior Walker, the lead
      vocalist sounded like James Brown, the bass player played trumpet and
      bass (at the same time!) and that was just for starters. The drummer
      was solid, funky, and drove the band like a steam shovel. And Garry
      Mac kept everything together with his tight, tasty guitar work. As a
      result, clubs and dancefloors were always packed wherever they played.
      These guys were one of the few all-white bands that could hold their
      own in clubs east of Troost and beyond. MUSICIANSHIP is the key word
      here, and no other KC band at the time had more of it. They eventually
      did a live album and a studio single for Capitol Records. The single,
      "Along Came Love" was written by Kelly Gordon who wrote "He Ain't
      Heavy He's My Brother" for The Hollies, and "That's Life" for Frank
      There was a local dance show called The Happening that aired Saturday
      Mornings in the mid to late 60's. The show was a bandstand-type
      affair, but featured live covers by local bands, who used to start off
      the show with the Supremes song of the same name. Most of the bands
      were godawful, and it was all I could do to get through the opening
      song. I remember one Saturday hearing the theme song from another room
      in the house, and I was stunned....it was on key, in time, with multi
      part harmony, uniquely arranged...hell, it was damn good! I ran into
      the TV room and beheld for the first time The Classmen. Later, I heard
      their hits "Julie" and "Graduation Goodbye" over and over on top 40
      radio. PROFESSIONAL is the key word here, and no other KC band of the
      time was more so.
      My mother actually took these guys under her wing for a while in the
      early to mid 60's. I hadn't even learned guitar yet when they started
      coming around the house, but I heard the demo records mom cut with
      them at Damon Studios. I've always had an ear for harmony, and the
      main thing I remember about these guys is how well they sang together.
      That, and how versatile they were. I remember hearing them open for
      Paul Revere and The Raiders at Municipal Auditorium (The Chesmann were
      also on the bill). I was impressed with their version of "Look Through
      Any Window", a tough song my little garage band was barely attempting,
      but these guys did it perfectly..harmonie s, guitar solo and all.
      VERSATILITY is the key word here, and no KC pop music band at the time
      sang and played with more of it. Guitarist Bob Theen recently told me
      that mom was responsible for getting the Fabulous Four their first
      major label contract with Decca Records.

      If there's any votes left out there at this late hour, these three
      bands deserve them.


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