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UNGROUPON: Fruity Nutty Affair Special for Friends and Family

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  • Teresa Kinis
    Hi Friends, Please pass this invitationĀ along to your friends and join us for this worth while FUNdRaiser for The Victory Garden Initiative. Not yet sure what
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2011
      Hi Friends,

      Please pass this invitation along to your friends and join us for this worth while FUNdRaiser for The Victory Garden Initiative.

      Not yet sure what VGI or the 'Fruity Nutty Affair'  is all about? 
      See the attached invite or follow the links below to find out more and learn how you too can grow with us and support Milwaukee's Urban Ag Movement to: Move Grass, Grow Food!

      You can still buy tickets until the 11th, or just make a donation-in-kind, but this UnGroupon is a one-day deal.  So, here's your chance to hit pay-dirt and have a good time at a great venue all while supporting a good cause!
      I'll 'bee' there and I hope to see you there as well!

      Hello Blitz Gardeners,
      We appreciate your support for the 3rd Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz, and would like to give you a first dibs on a special NOVEMBER 1st ONLY UNGROUPON ticket price for the Fruity Nutty Affair.  

      Wondering what the Fruity Nutty Affair is?
      The Fruity Nutty Affair is an annual cocktail attire dining experience held by the Victory Garden Initiative (VGI). VGI builds communities of people who grow their own food. To learn more, visit our website at www.victorygardeninitiative.org.

      This annual event supports the Fruity Nutty Campaign, our annual campaign that inspires people to plant fruit and nut trees in the city to create a more secure and sustainable food system. This year's event is an especially auspicious occasion because we are securing our position as a non-profit organization in order to further our mission. 

      There are three ways to get involved:
      1. Join us at the Fruity Nutty Affair on November 11, 2011 from 6 - 11:11 PM at Best Place Milwaukee. We will eat tapas served by some of Milwaukee's most talented chefs focused on creating a sustainable food system, have drinks from Death's Door Distillery and bid on auction items, including a custom-made chicken coop! Thanks to our generous sponsors, almost every dollar of the $75 (UNGROUPONPRICE ONLY $50) ticket sales will go directly towards planting fruit and nut trees. 

      2. If you can't make the earlier part of the evening, come frolic starting at 8:30 PM and dance to the music of the Chris Hanson Band - a swinging treat. There is a reduced price admission for this part of the evening - only $25 (UNGROUPON PRICE ONLY $20)!

      3. Finally, consider purchasing a fruit or nut tree for yourself, a loved one for the holidays, or for the greater good (to be planted in Milwaukee). These trees can be purchased at the event at the VGI website. Our trained gardeners will help you decide you what to plant. 

      To buy your tickets, trees or both, please go to www.victorygardeninitiative.org, or to send a check, contact Claudia Koehler at claudia.koehler@.... Remember, UNGROUPON prices are available on Tuesday, November 1 ONLY.

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