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Enjoy Learning Vacation, Jewelry Design Workshop, Tuscany, Italy, 6/28-7/5/2008

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    Toscana Americana Workshops www.toscanaamericana.com Presents Contemporizing Traditional Etruscan Jewelry: The Art, Technique, and Design of Bead Stringing and
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      Toscana Americana Workshops

      Contemporizing Traditional
      Etruscan Jewelry:
      The Art, Technique, and Design
      of Bead Stringing and Bead Weaving

      Cortona, Italy June 28-July 5, 2008

      with Warren Feld, Director
      Center for Beadwork& Jewelry Arts
      and Land of Odds, Nashville, Tennessee

      A workshop to stretch your thinking
      and learn alternative techniques
      to create exciting, innovative jewelry.

      Picture Yourself...
      among the sights and sounds of beautiful and romantic Tuscany: olive
      groves, vineyards, centuries-old buildings, winding streets, texture
      and vibrant sunlight.

      Feel Yourself...
      in the warm ambiance of Cortona, overlooking Lake Trasimeno and the
      Val di Chiana, originally fortified by the Umbrians, claimed by the
      Etruscans, touched by the Renaissance, almost unchanged for
      centuries, one of Tuscany's jewels.

      the joy of learning jewelry techniques in a relaxed and inspiring
      atmosphere with the expert instruction of a nationally know artist
      and instructor and the camaraderie of a small group of learners.

      great Italian food, delightful wines, new friends, breath-taking
      vistas, history and the hospitality of the people of Cortona.


      How do you keep beadwork and jewelry design essential and alive?
      Learning ideas and techniques towards this end is the crux of this
      week-long series of workshops.

      These workshops are for both Beginner as well as Intermediate level
      beaders or jewelry makers alike.

      We will be examining traditional Etruscan jewelry, and how we can
      understand it from the vantage point of good jewelry design
      principles. We will learn and practice some basic techniques of bead
      stringing and bead weaving. Then we will do some thinking, planning
      and experimenting with these and other bead stringing and bead
      weaving techniques in order to create contemporary interpretations of
      two or three Etruscan pieces of jewelry to see what we can achieve.

      You will learn to look at jewelry with a different eye. Many people
      create jewelry all their lives, without understanding why certain
      pieces draw your attention, and others do not. In this class, we will
      begin to answer that question: Why?

      You will learn the correct way to string beads on cable wire, and
      crimp the wire to secure it to the clasp. You will learn the optimum
      way to string beads on thread, including how to tie a special knot.
      You will learn a few simple bead weaving techniques and how best to
      hold your pieces while you work it, and how to manage thread tension
      while weaving beads. You will learn to make simple, as well as
      coiled, loops on head and eye pins.

      During the week, we will gradually develop an understanding of good
      jewelry design concepts. You will use these concepts to get a design-
      understanding of Etruscan jewelry. And you will use these concepts to
      begin to think about, plan and experiment with ideas for
      contemporizing Etruscan jewelry.

      You will learn how to understand what "quality" means, when selecting
      and using glass, gemstone and metal beads and other jewelry clasps
      and findings. You will learn how to make choices among the many
      options of stringing materials. You will learn a little bit about
      buying tools. You will learn how color theories may be applied when
      using beads, rather than paints. You will learn to re-define a piece
      of jewelry in terms of its essential design elements – things you can
      manipulate within the piece. And finally, you will review 10
      principles of jewelry design composition – that is, 10 rules for how
      to manipulate the elements within your piece.

      We will be doing a lot of hands-on activity. Some of it will involve
      playing with and arranging beads on a bead board. And some of it will
      involve using bead stringing and bead weaving techniques to make
      bracelets or components which you can later finish off as bracelets
      or necklaces.

      We will also be taking a day trip to Florence. In Florence, we will
      visit a local bead store, and glass bead-making studio. You will have
      the rest of the day to explore the city. I encourage you, sketch book
      in hand, to explore fashion jewelry on display in some of the fancy
      clothing and jewelry boutiques in town, and to visit one of the
      museums and view Etruscan and other Italian styles of jewelry.

      Read More…

      More Details About This Workshop, Fees, Enrollment Form
      - Itinerary Outline
      - Full Detailed Itinerary
      - Supplies List

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      Toscana Americana Workshops
      Contact Toscana Americana

      We at Toscana Americana Workshops have one objective...to create
      wonderful opportunities for people from around the world to engage in
      their passion with fellow artists, crafters and creators in inspiring
      locations and cultures. Enthusiasm, caring faculty, guest service,
      attention to detail and overall value are our strengths. Add to that
      over 30 years in arts and entertainment and special event planning,
      love of travel and our familiarity with Cortona and its community.

      About Warren S. Feld, Jewelry Designer and Workshop Instructor
      Contact Warren Feld

      For Warren S. Feld, Jewelry Designer, beading and jewelry making
      endeavors have been wonderful adventures. These adventures, over
      the past 25 years, have taken Warren from the basics of bead
      stringing and bead weaving, to wire working and silver smithing, and
      onward to more complex jewelry designs which build on the strengths
      of a full range of technical skills and experiences. Warren, with
      his partner James, opened two bead shops – Land of Odds
      (www.landofodds.com ), now an on-line business only, and Be Dazzled
      Beads in Nashville, Tennessee.

      In 2000, Warren founded The Center For Beadwork & Jewelry Arts (CBJA)
      (www.landofodds.com/beadschool), an educational program for beaders
      and jewelry makers with a strong Design and skills development
      orientation. Warren leads a group of 12 instructors at CBJA. He
      teaches many of the bead-stringing, jewelry design as well as
      business-oriented courses in the CBJA curriculum. He works with
      people just getting started with beading and jewelry making, as well
      as with the program's advanced bead study groups. These groups meet
      bi-weekly to learn, try out and experiment with beading techniques,
      sometimes exploring issues cross-culturally, and othertimes,
      examining the works of particular bead- or jewelry artists over the
      course of their design careers.

      Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts

      The CENTER FOR BEADWORK & JEWELRY ARTS -- the educational program of
      Be Dazzled Beads in Nashville, Tennessee -- offers a wide range of
      beading and jewelry making classes. CBJA is committed to the
      teaching of beadwork and jewelry-making from a skills-development
      and -applications approach. CBJA is a different kind of school.

      At other places and programs, beading and jewelry making classes are
      taught from a Crafts Perspective, where you learn a set of steps to
      create a specific project. At CBJA, we teach classes from an Art
      and Design tradition. We approach teaching developmentally, where
      classes are taken in a specific order, with attention paid towards
      learning a hierarchy of skills and how they are interrelated.
      CBJA, along with Land of Odds, Be Dazzled Beads and The Open Window
      Gallery, sponsor two well-known competitions. All Dolled Up: Beaded
      Art Doll Competition, and The Ugly Necklace Contest – A Jewelry
      Design Competition With A Twist.


      Land of Odds

      Land of Odds provides bead and jewelry making artists with virtually
      all their beads, supplies, books and jewelry findings needs, with
      over 30,000 products. Home of The Ugly Necklace Contest-A Jewelry
      Design Competition With A Twist
      (www.landofodds.com/store/uglynecklace.htm) and of All Dolled Up:
      Beaded Art Doll Competition
      (www.landofodds.com/store/alldolledup.htm ).

      The Programs at Land of Odds:
      718 Thompson Lane, #123
      Nashville, TN 37204
      PHONE: 615-292-0610
      FAX: 615-460-7001

      The Ugly Necklace Contest
      - A Jewelry Design Competition With A Twist

      All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
      (On-Line Voting for 2007 Contest ends 1/15/2008)

      Jewelry Design Workshops in Cortona, Italy

      The Open Window Gallery – Fine Art Jewelry

      Center For Beadwork & Jewelry Arts
      Skills-based learning for beading and jewelry making

      Be Dazzled Beads

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