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Press release for Entertainment Article : Buzz is Back!

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  • Elizabeth Menetrey
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      >Buzz is back! If you missed the first performance last summer, don’t
      >be the last to catch the 'Buzz'. Professor Pickles’ Traveling Puppet
      >Show returns to the Voodoo Room in Astoria Saturday night, Oct. 7th for
      >two showings of ‘The Very, Very Ordinary Life Of Buzz’; the adult
      >marionette and hand puppet satire about Coast Community Radio. ‘Buzz’
      >is a day in the very very ordinary life of Buzz Barkley and his dog,
      >Ozone. Tuned in to radio station KULT, Buzz is in the grips of some very
      >not so ordinary characters who find their way into his apartment
      >through the air waves. Professor Pickle’s Traveling Puppet Show is the
      >work and creation of local DJ, Christopher Grant, veteran of school and
      >public puppet performances and workshops. Grant, or rather, Prof. Pickles
      >, with the assistance of his son and co-puppeteer, Barnabas Grant,
      >indulge the night crowd with his show for grown up kids in the Voodoo
      >Room’s cabaret atmosphere. Shows begin at 8 and 10 pm. Donation
      >admission at the door. Go to columbianvoodoo.com for more information
      >about ‘Buzz’ and upcoming events.
      >Stay in the know. Pulse on the new Yahoo.com.
      ><http://us.rd.yahoo.com/evt=42974/*http://www.yahoo.com/preview> Check it
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