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Re: You Say It's Your Birthday???

Thanks, Will!!! I really appreciate that! You must have discovered how much fun it is to read Bedtime Stories on KMUN!!! I've been doing it for over 30
Debbie Twombly
Jul 30

You Say It's Your Birthday???

Dear Programmers, It's my birthday, too!!! YIKES!!! I need someone to read bedtime stories for me on Monday, 3 august, when I'm 64!!!! I'd gladly trade with
Debbie Twombly
Jul 29

For those lovelies that sit in the air room

Hello Friends! This is just an update on our air room chair that I (no that's not right, a few generous volunteers!) purchased a few weeks ago. First off -
Karri Gallaugher
Jul 29

Michelle Medler's Quartet

Good Morning fellow KMUNies, ben here. To any of you I sent invites to the concert, please get them back to me if you want to come to the concert. Anyone else
ben hunt
Jul 29

looking for a few good volunteers tomorrow......

Hellow fellow Kmunies! This is a reminder that a few of us (okay, so far just myself and Joanne) will be doing some trimming on Exchange street in the AM. We
Karri Gallaugher
Jul 27

Yards are us!

So, we are knee-deep in beautiful SUMMER! And soon, the annual Regatta will be parading their way past our front porch. We are looking for a few good
Karri Gallaugher
Jul 21

Re: Monday Bedtime Stories

Yeah! I love Will’s shows! So we will be well entertained for Monday Jazz and Bedtime Stories! Listen up, everyone! Bonnie Lively 503-325-4749
Bonnie Lively
Jul 18

Re: Monday Bedtime Stories

Thank you so much, Will!!! I was kind of resigned to seeing the first and last part of the show - it's just over at the Blue Scorcher. That is very nice of
Debbie Twombly
Jul 17

Jazz hero's are us!!

Thank you so much, to my knight in shining armor.......... WILL CHAPMAN! Will is a really great and creative programmer, so tune in, because I'm sure it will
Karri Gallaugher
Jul 17

Looking for a Jazz Hero......

Hello Good programmers of Coast Community Radio!  Elizabeth is out of town for a few weeks, so I am calling upon her vast army of substitutes to see if one of
Karri Gallaugher
Jul 17

Monday Bedtime Stories

Dear programmers, Is there anyone who would like to do Bedtime Stories on Monday, 20 June, so I can go see Dana Lyons and Anne Feeney??? I would trade for
Debbie Twombly
Jul 17

fyi: re Kelley jazz people!

KALA, 1017 Marine Dr in Astoria, presents vocalist Kelley Shannon and jazz pianist George Colligan in an intimate evening of jazz standards and originals, 8pm
Carol G Newman
Jul 16

jazz p.s.

Turns out we have the cd I have..so don't bother in my mailbox. There are 3 Kelley Shannon cds on the shelves. J9
Jeannine Grey
Jul 16

jazz people!

Kelley Shannon coming home for a concert. Stuff in cultural calendar box. We have 2 of her cd's on the shelves and I will kindly leave one of mine in my mail
Jeannine Grey
Jul 16

Ilwaco Saturday Market

Hello, I am really appreciative to the wonderful people who have been coming to the markets with me this summer. Who has a couple of hours to come hang out in
Jul 15
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