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Director WW Customer Support & Delivery (Santa Clara County)

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  • Jon Ramos
    Job Description: Build and lead a team of support engineers and technical administrative personnel to deliver world class customer support and training for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2003
      Job Description:

      Build and lead a team of support engineers and technical administrative personnel to deliver world class customer support and training for microprocessor cores, architecture, SOC development, simulation models, and related products world-wide. The group charter includes customer support and training, ownership of products and documentation delivery to customers and 3rd parties, maintaining support and delivery infrastructure, technical documentation, and training program development.

      A technical management background in microprocessors, SOC development, embedded systems design, and customer support or product development that has been developed with close customer collaboration experience is required. Managing remote teams is highly likely. Travel for customer and internal business is expected, and may at times be frequent.

      Position & Responsibilities:

      The Director of World Wide Customer Support and Delivery is a senior management position reporting to the Vice President of Engineering.

      Responsibilities include:

      1. Recruit, develop, and retain support engineering and technical personnel for customer and 3rd party support, technical documentation, training, and product delivery.
      2. Own the support, training, documentation, and delivery plans for new products and maintenance releases that are consistent with financial and business objectives.
      3. Work with marketing and other functions to set support, training, and maintenance pricing and standard terms and conditions.
      4. On-going execution and quality measurement of customer support (help desk, phone, and when needed customer on-site), training and product delivery.
      5. Owner of external technical documentation standards and keeper of templates.
      6. Management of outsourced technical documentation, training package, training delivery, and even support as needed.
      7. Management of entry and maintenance of delivery/support/maintenance database and administrative support to other functions needing access to the database.
      8. Development and managing department budget to meet targets and provide accurate and timely updates.
      9. Specification, acquisition/development and maintenance of product and documentation delivery process and infrastructure for high reliability with minimal latency from order to shipment complete.
      10. On-going execution of product and document delivery with quality measurement for continuous improvement.
      11. Technical documentation services to other engineering groups.
      12. Establish and maintain personal relationship with key customers.

      Expected Results:

      1. Defining, measuring, and meeting or exceeding customers support and training goals. Examples are: support case response time, time to case close, # of cases closed per engineer, # cases and time required other functions to close, customer satisfaction ratings.
      2. Reliable, efficient, accurate, short latency, and timely delivery of products and documents world wide.
      3. Reliable, accurate, and timely reporting of shipments, critical customer cases, and support/maintenance account status.
      4. Quality support from day one of new product releases.
      5. Consistent, user friendly, and efficient standard documentation templates.
      6. High quality and low-overhead technical writing services to other engineering groups.
      7. Effective intra-engineering and cross-functional (marketing, sales, finance, legal) communication, and communication with executive management.
      8. Staffing, retaining, and developing the CSD organization for excellence.
      9. Load balancing personnel as needed to meet key objectives and ensuring effective use of capital assets.
      10. Effective filtering of support issues from development engineering, and efficient use of development engineering resources when needed.
      11. CSD budget managed to targets.

      Experience & Attributes Required:

      At least 10 years experience in at least one and preferably several of the following areas:

      · Synthesizable processor design and verification
      · ASIC or SOC design and verification
      · Simulation models and environments
      · Embedded software and development tools
      · Product delivery and QA

      At least 5 years management experience including budget responsibility, working with vendors, contractors, and management of outsourced projects. Excellent organization, multi-tasking, and communication skills. Customer support, training, and/or close technical collaboration on projects is required. Experience working with and managing remote teams is highly desired. Product delivery and QA experience a plus. Must be willing to work hands on as business need dictates.

      Please email your resume to: JonRamos@..., Choices Staffing Company, San Jose, Ca. 95129 (408) 255-3216

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