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Build Software Engineer (South San Francisco, CA)

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    Please direct your responses to: robert@greenesearch.com Are you a build engineer looking for a challenge at a growing enterprise software company in S San
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      Please direct your responses to: robert@...

      Are you a build engineer looking for a challenge at a growing enterprise software company in S San Francisco? This position requires you to maintain the source code repository, maintain and enhance the build system and deliver builds to the engineering team in a timely manner. You will be required to help maintain the product build files and make modification in conjunction with the development and sustaining engineering teams. You will have complete ownership of the build system and make modifications as required throughout the product development lifecycle.

      Please read requirements and qualifications carefully, and if you meet and exceeed requirements, please email resume and cover letter to robert@... Searches are confidential and fees paid by client company.

      A thorough comprehension of the Software Development Lifecycle is required.

      Qualifications & Requirements
      Perl (at least 3 years), Java (Introductory knowledge is acceptable, anything beyond the fundamentals is a plus)
      Ant 1.6. Apart from using Ant, you will need to have used and know the usage of as many packaged Tasks as possible. You will also need to be able to read custom Ant task code and make minor modifications or debug
      A thorough understanding of branching and merging in CVS
      In-depth knowledge of other source code management systems is a plus
      Unix and Windows. At least 3 years of detailed experience using these operating systems is required
      Ability to debug problems as they happen and report to engineering managers on the steps needed to make corrections
      Must be able to work closely with a team and take immediate ownership of responsibilities in your domain
      Must have the foresight to make proactive changes as the product is being developed
      Communicate ideas and issues effectively. You will be the bridge between QA and Development. This will require you to keep in touch with various team members and meet their requirements
      BS/BA in engineering discipline or equivalent experience.
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