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Software Engineer, Online | Tableau Software (Menlo Park, CA)

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    Please direct your responses to: http://careers.tableausoftware.com Tableau Software is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, with
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      Please direct your responses to: http://careers.tableausoftware.com

      Tableau Software is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, with nearly 100% annual sales growth. Tableau makes fast analytics and visualization products that help people see and understand data of any size or format. The company is on its way to becoming a large, market-defining company in the business intelligence industry and is next in a long line of high profile Stanford spinouts (e.g., Google, Yahoo, VMWare). Customers of all sizes use our products, from Fortune 500 companies, to video game designers, to scientists in the jungles of Central America, to high school principals. Our software is for anyone with data and questions! Additionally, Tableau�s web products (www.tableaupublic.com) are used by bloggers, journalists, and major media web sites to share data online as interactive visualizations. Check out our products at: www.tableausoftware.com/products/tour.

      Tableau�s culture is casual yet high energy. We are passionate about our product and loyal to each other and our company. We value work/life balance, efficiency, simplicity, freakishly friendly customer service, and making a difference in the world. Tableau offers exceptional professional and financial growth potential.

      What you�ll be doing�
      You will be developing infrastructure and features for a hosted dynamic visual analysis and collaboration product suite which allow people to share rich interactive stories about data. Thousands to millions of people will use your software, either directly by creating and contributing content, or indirectly by encountering it embedded into other sites on the Internet. In this role you�ll move between the front and back end of the system, extending the product with new functionality or infrastructure critical to running an Internet-scale system. You will take on a variety of projects such as integration with social platforms, extending the ability of users to define how their content is experienced, and analytics around how people are using the product.

      Who you are�
      You are a rock-star developer with at least three years of experience who loves code and has a passion for solving complex problems, be they at work or in your spare time on your own projects. You believe in automation and writing tests for your own code as a way of maintaining high quality in your products. You understand what it takes to write software that is used by thousands or millions of people. You love writing things that �just work� � things that are robust, scalable, and that perform well. You enjoy collaborating, learning from or teaching others so we can all become better developers. Finally, you have solid development skills with web technologies and development tools (HTML, CSS, Javascript) as well as object oriented languages (Java, C++, C#). Ideally you have experience developing large-scale hosted web applications.

      To learn more about Tableau�s culture and apply, please visit: http://careers.tableausoftware.com

      We are hiring for this position in our Seattle, WA; Kirkland, WA; and Menlo Park, CA locations.

      Tableau Software is an equal opportunity employer.
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