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Senior Storage Architect (San Jose, CA)

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    Please direct your responses to: recruitingtechies@gmail.com Senior Storage Architect The Senior Storage Architect will be responsible for ensuring that
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      Please direct your responses to: recruitingtechies@...

      Senior Storage Architect

      The Senior Storage Architect will be responsible for ensuring that critical storage systems are scalable for future growth.​

      Duties And Responsibilities:
      * Assure adequate storage for Functional applications and services
      * The candidate will be required to adhere to best practices resulting from their validation efforts.
      * Candidate must be able to transfer the storage architecture requirements into a solution configuration that will be installed and configured.
      * Responsible for the designing, testing, building, monitoring, and administration of storage systems.​
      * Perform capacity planning for production, data warehouse, reporting, and other systems to include storage, memory, CPU, and load
      * Candidate must be versatile, long-term visionary, a team-player, and enjoys working with new technologies in a fast-paced technology environment.
      * Candidate must also take the architecture requirements and be able to plan and develop a validation strategy and schedule for testing the solution before releasing to production.

      Position Requirements:
      * 3+​ years experience designing, implementing and managing virtual storage environments; hands on experience with NetApp (Network Appliance)
      * Strong track record in using and configuring software applications and scalable storage clusters, including tiered storage solutions.
      * 5+​ years experience in Systems and/​or Network Administration
      * 5+​ years experience in capacity planning systems and storage in a "real-time" or near "real-time" environment
      * Strong leadership abilities and team-oriented, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
      * 5+​ years experience in administering, troubleshooting, and supporting NetApp storage systems.
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