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Re: Christmas 2013 Music Schedule and Station Links Alright, KDSK Christmas music time once again.  Something we all look forward to every year. As always, thanks to the KDSK staff for bringing us the holiday
Kirk Joseph Dongu
Dec 23, 2013
Christmas 2013 Music Schedule and Station Links Hello Music Lovers,    Once again we are wrapping up another year.  We hope it's been a good one for you and that 2014 will be even better.   All the
Don McDonald
Dec 23, 2013
Albuquerque's AM 1240 Becomes 'KDSK' KDSK AM & FM. As I mentioned last year, KD Radio bought AM 1240 in Albuquerque. AM 1240's call letters were changed to KDSK in March. It
Jul 6, 2013
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KDSK Will Be Live From Fire & Ice Bike Rally in Grants, NM, this mon KDSK will be broadcasting live from the Fire & Ice Bike Rally in Grants, New Mexico
Jul 6, 2013
Christmas Music Schedule and Other Info about KD Radio Hello Music Lovers,  While we keep spinning the Sound Souvenirs on KD Radio - well, that's my spin on KD Radio (California) - and working our way to the end
Don McDonald
Dec 16, 2012
KD Radio Buys KALY Radio in Albuquerque New Mexico KD Radio has recently purchased KALY 1240 AM radio station in Albuquerque, according to KD Radio President Derek Lloyd. Derek said KALY is simulcasting KDSK in
Don McDonald
Oct 12, 2012
2012 Fire & Ice Bike Rally - info - for July 19-22 To: KD_Radio@yahoogroups.com  Fire & Ice Bike Rally KDSK-FM 92.7 and Internet, located in Grants, New Mexico, will broadcast live from Grants' Fire & Ice
Don McDonald
Jul 13, 2012
Holiday Programming Gang: Really liked this years holiday broadcasts and the mix of seasonal tunes. As always, great job. KDSK delivers once again. Been listening now for over
Jan 2, 2012
Re: Steve's Christmas Show Thanks Corky for your kind words. I appreciate it. Steve
Dec 20, 2011
Steve's Christmas Show Someone should archive his Christms so so it can be heard again. It is a great one. Corky
Dec 20, 2011
Christmas Music Schedule and Other Info on KD Radio Hello Music Lovers,   As we rock & roll or gently swing and sway our way to the end of 2011, all the folks here, including me, wish the best for you & your
Don McDonald
Dec 19, 2011
Facebook Website for KD Radio Hi Listeners, KD Radio opened a Facebook site about May 14, 2011, which you can visit at: http://www.facebook.com/KDRadio The KD Radio Facebook site features
Don McDonald
Jul 7, 2011
Fire & Ice Broadcast Schedule - July 2011 Thanks to Rugmaster D for reminding me: KDSK-FM 92.7 and Internet, located in Grants, New Mexico, will broadcast live from the Fire & Ice Historic 66 11th
Don McDonald
Jul 7, 2011
Fire & Ice Broadcast Schedule Hey Gang: Can you post the annual 'Fire & Ice' show broadcast schedule? I know you guys go remote during the event and wondering what those are this year.
Rugmaster D
Jul 5, 2011
Re: Places To Stay There are several places to stay in Grants. The Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Motel 6, Travelodge, Super 8 and the Best Western. These are all located on
Apr 12, 2011
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Places To Stay How many hotels are available in Grants for the summer biker rally? Is it at the same time as last year? And, of course, does KDSK plan to do its yearly
Rugmaster D
Apr 12, 2011
Dec 31st Broadcast from Dancing Eagle Casino Hello Music Lovers,   KDSK and KMIN Grants, New Mexico (and Internet) are planning for a special 6 hour live broadcast from Dancing Eagle Casino on
Don McDonald
Dec 28, 2010
KD Radio Christmas Special Hello Music Lovers,  Tune in to KD Radio Internet for Christmas and Holiday music starting Christmas Eve (Friday Dec 24th) and continuing into Christmas Day
Don McDonald
Dec 18, 2010
Fire & Ice Rally - Day 2 Hello Music Lovers,     A reminder:  Today is Day 2 of Fire & Ice Rally (you can hear it now on KDSK-FM and internet) located in Grants, New Mexico.  
Don McDonald
Jul 17, 2010
Re: Corrected Dates (vs. previous email about Fire & Ice Rally) Hello, i have restarted my winamp, please tell me your radio internet adress so i can find you, please. With best regards Hart
Jul 7, 2010
Corrected Dates (vs. previous email about Fire & Ice Rally) Oops!     Let me correct my mistakes in dates given in my just-sent email.  The correct dates are:   The Molly Hatchet Band on Friday night July
Don McDonald
Jul 7, 2010
KDSK Grants, NM, Live at July 16 & 17 Fire & Ice Bike Rally Hello Music Lovers,   KDSK-FM and internet located in Grants, New Mexico, will broadcast live from the Fire & Ice Historic 66 10th Annual Bike Rally July
Don McDonald
Jul 7, 2010
Re: Do You Know Helen Davis? Yes, we know Helen. She has assisted with some of our projects in the past, including the remote broadcast at the Fire & Ice Bike Rally.
Jun 25, 2010
Do You Know Helen Davis? She works as a Journalist She comes form Nw Mexico Alb She tippped me about the KD radiostation
Jun 25, 2010
New Books from Joel Whitburn's Record Research are Good    New editions (of the reference books we use) add Bubbling Under, Classic Non-Hot 100, and #1 On Other Charts info to the 'Top Singles' book, and they
Don McDonald
May 15, 2010
Old Time Radio Shows on KMIN Grants New Mexico Old Time Radio is on KMIN Sunday nights from 8pm to midnight. Have fun listening to John and Larry Gassman with "Same Time Same Station" from 8PM to 10PM,
Don McDonald
Apr 22, 2010
The KD Radio Family of Stations As KMIN 980AM approaches its 54th anniversary in July, I should mention again that KMIN 96.7FM covering Grants and Milan, New Mexico, joined the family this
Don McDonald
Mar 31, 2010
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Christmas Schedule for KDSK and KMIN in Grants, NM I forgot to give the Xmas schedule for KDSK and KMIN. KDSK 92.7FM in Grants, NM, and KMIN 980AM and 96.7FM in Grants, NM, will be broadcasting continuous
Don McDonald
Dec 23, 2009
Christmas Greetings and Schedule Thank You Listeners! for your greetings which awakened me from a long quiet period in this Group. Merry Christmas to you all. KD Radio Internet will play
Dec 23, 2009
Scheduled Audio Outage - But We are Still On MAINTENANCE NOTIFICATION Maintenance Window Begin Date: 7/27/09, 11:00 PM Site Local Time (CDT), i.e., it was scheduled to start about 30 minutes ago. Hmmm.
Don McDonald
Jul 27, 2009
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