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5Meeting Notes - 9/20/2006

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  • Teri
    Oct 3, 2006
      We had another great meeting for the KCBA Paralegal Committee! Our
      lunch was provided by the law offices of Daniel G. Parsons. Thank
      you Dan, Michelle and company!

      The first item on the agenda was our commitment to Community
      Service. We again discussed the Hearts in Motion and had several
      ideas for various fund raisers. Believe it or not, a mere $100 would
      buy a prosthetic leg for a child. Michelle also brought in a list
      of other items that are needed, such as personal care (toothbrushes,
      soap) and construction items (from paint brushes to chainsaws).
      Michelle has a complete list she is more than willing to share.

      We also discussed volunteering in the legal community. Marcy Heston
      of Prairie State Legal Services shared that Prairie State is in need
      attorney volunteers. We discussed the possibility of paralegal
      volunteers giving an afternoon or morning each month to help with
      form preparation or phone calls (and hopefully we would bring an
      attorney or two with us). Marcy will consider this and will let us
      know if this type of service would be helpful. We talked briefly
      about coordinating with the Delivery of Legal Services, which is
      considering a family law training seminar to help attorney handle
      pro bono family cases.

      You asked for it, you got it! We now have an email sharing group,
      which you can access at:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KCBAParalegals. There is no
      commitment and you can opt out at any time. What a great way to
      network and share information! Encourage other paralegals you know
      to join. You do not have to be a member of the KCBA to sign up for
      the Yahoo!Groups.

      The Bar Association has secured space for an attorney's work center
      at the 3rd Street Courthouse. The space is located in Room 140 on
      the first floor and will be available to attorneys and paralegals by
      October/November. The Bar Association is responsible for furnishing
      the two rooms and is looking for donations from members. The
      following things are needed: 3 conference tables, 1 equipment table
      to hold computer/printer, chairs, 1 couch, 1 fax/copier/printer and
      1 or 2 desktop computers with monitors. Please contact the Bar
      association with any donations.

      Our next meeting will be held at the Appellate Court in Elgin for
      our "Life of an Appeal" tour. The tour is filling quickly ~ call or
      email Carolyn at the KCBA to sign up today!

      The November meeting will be on 11-15-06 at the KCBA offices. If
      your firm would like to sponsor lunch, please let us know.