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  • Sunny Jo
    SBS SERIES ON INTER-COUNTRY ADOPTION SEEKS PARTICIPANTS. Our Sydney-based production company, Becker Entertainment, is currently making 3 x one-hour
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9 2:20 PM

      Our Sydney-based production company, Becker Entertainment, is
      currently making 3 x one-hour documentaries for SBS Television about
      inter-country adoption.

      We are looking for someone who feels a profound need to try and find
      out more about themselves and who struggles on some level with their
      sense of identity as a result of their adoption. They may or may not
      have had a happy adoptive experience. They may or may not have
      encountered racism.

      We will cover the travel costs for our candidate to fly back to their
      birth country and stay for approximately a week to ten days while they
      re-visit the orphanage they once lived in, experience the sights and
      sounds of their country of origin and search for their birth mother.

      We are interested in accompanying someone on their journey back to
      Korea, India, Thailand, China or Africa. We already have two other
      participants (and their family members) returning to Romania and Sri

      Although we would prefer to follow someone who has never been back to
      their country of birth, we would also like to hear from people who
      have already been back to their country of birth but who have yet to
      meet their birth mother. The participant must live in Australia and
      have spent their childhood here.

      Our production schedule kicks off next February and we expect to film
      between February and May 2009 but we are looking for candidates now!

      Some candidates may already have located their birth mother's
      whereabouts and made initial contact but have not met her yet. Others
      may go on a journey that does not lead them to their birth mother but
      perhaps uncovers siblings they never knew they had. Some searches may
      prove successful, others unsuccessful, despite the full dossier of
      information that our candidate has gathered together.

      We are also keen to film our candidate prior to the trip so that we
      can get to know them and find out why the journey is so crucial. The
      adoptee will tell their own story and take us on their journey. Our
      stance is non-judgemental and we are aiming to present the personal,
      political, social and psychological issues that inter-country adoption
      raises for all concerned.

      We will film our participant as he/she embarks on their search and we
      want to give as honest as account as possible of the complex emotions
      that come up, whether the individual finds their birth family or not.
      If they do, we would like to be able to film the birth family,
      although we understand that this will need to be negotiated with the
      family or birth mother and we certainly wouldn't film them without
      their permission.

      Part of the brief of our series is to explore the wider issues around
      inter-country adoption too so, for example, the way Korea views
      unmarried mothers and the attitudes towards returning adoptees is of
      interest to us too.

      We will also be interviewing our participant's adoptive family to find
      out how the adoption process was for them and to get a greater sense
      of our participant's background so its important that members of the
      adoptive family are supportive of the documentary too and willing to
      participate in it.

      If you'd like to find out more for yourself or if you know someone who
      you think might be interested, please give me a call or drop me an
      email and we can talk further.

      Contact : Dominique Pile

      Becker Entertainment

      Direct Line : (61) 2 84251127

      Switch: : (61) 2 9438 3377

      Email : dominiquep@...
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