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Korean Adoptee Gathering 2004 DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 15, 2004

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  • Sunny Jo
    ***PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO OTHERS*** Korean Adoptee Gathering 2004 Seoul, Korea August 4-8, 2004 DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 15, 2004 to be considered
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Korean Adoptee Gathering 2004
      Seoul, Korea
      August 4-8, 2004

      considered for early registration!

      Welcome to the Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees to be
      held in Seoul, Korea, August 4-8, 2004 at the Sofitel
      Ambassador Hotel.


      Contents of Update
      · Conference Registration ? updated information
      · Hotel Reservations ? updated information
      · Reconfirming Hotel Reservations ? new information!
      · Booking Your Flight
      · Airport Information ? new information!
      · Dress Code ? new information!
      · Tentative Planned Workshops
      · Activities for Those Not Attending the Conference
      · Call for Artists
      · Sponsors ? updated information

      Conference Registration ?Extended
      The deadline for registration has been extended to June 15,
      2004. You may register on-line or download the form and
      mail at http://adopteegathering2004.org/registration.html.
      Registration fee is $150 USD. Payment via check, credit
      card or bank transfer. Deadline for registration is June
      15, 2004. Any registrations postmarked or received online
      after June 15 will be subject to a $25 late fee. All late
      registrations will be subject to availability, and may not
      be able to participate in all off-site activities.

      Hotel Reservations
      Rooms are filling up quickly. To qualify for the
      conference rate, please state ?Korean Adoptee Gathering?.
      If you have any special needs, please inform the hotel at
      the time of reservation. Rates are good from July 29
      (check in) to August 16 (check out). To register for the
      hotel on-line please go to
      https://www.ambatel.com/sofitel/sofitel_e/. Due to a
      slight confusion with the hotel as to room type and charge,
      here's a clarification of the room rates at the Sofitel
      Hotel for attendees of the Gathering during the period from
      July 29 to August 16:
      · Superior double ? 1 or 2 persons, 1 large bed - $91 plus
      10% service, for a total of $100
      · Superior twin ? 2 or 3 persons, 1 large bed and 1 single
      bed - $91 plus 10% service, for a total of $100
      · **Deluxe double ? 1 or 2 persons, 1 large bed (slightly
      bigger room) - room for an extra bed
      · **Deluxe twin ? 2-4 persons, 1 large bed and 1 single
      bed, OR 2 large beds ?has room for an extra bed
      ** The room charge for a Deluxe room is $100 plus 10%
      service, for a total of $110.
      Tax is usually another 10%, but the Korean government has
      currently waived it for foreigners.

      Rooms can have either double beds or twin beds, or a
      combination of both. A double bed is large enough for two
      adults, while a twin bed is for a single. Let the hotel
      know how many persons are in your room and they will
      properly assign a room to you. Typically, one or two
      persons should register for a Superior room (but you need
      to indicate if you need 1 or 2 beds), while 3 or 4 persons
      should sign up for a Deluxe room (these have 2 beds). Any
      room needing an extra bed will be subject to an additional
      have been confirmed for a deluxe room and would like to
      switch to a Superior room at the $100 rate, please contact
      the hotel and they would be happy to make the switch for
      you. Or you can contact Tim at numbers.man@... for
      any assistance.
      Include any questions about the beds in the information
      section of your on-line hotel registration. We are sorry
      for this inconvenience.

      The Sofitel Hotel had a short period recently where they
      updated their website and some of you may not have had your
      room reservations confirmed, even if you made a reservation
      online. If you have
      reserved a room at the Sofitel Hotel and have NOT received
      an emailed confirmation, please contact them again, by
      sending an email to Ms. S.H. Jang at shjang@....
      She will verify your room and email your confirmation to

      Booking your flight
      Flights are going quickly, so book sooner than later! If
      you are looking to book a flight from your nearest airport,
      there is a ticket broker in Seattle that specializes in
      flights to Korea that can help with your bookings. He can
      help with flights on Asiana, Korean Airlines, United,
      Northwest, Delta, Singapore and others. For example, there
      is a flight for one person, roundtrip, leaving Seattle on
      August 2 and returning on August 16 for $840 - airlines are
      starting to add fuel surcharges to flight prices, so these
      prices mentioned may have already increased; book sooner
      than later to guarantee your flight price. Other dates are
      also available for slightly higher amounts. He can book
      flights out of other cities for various rates, too - New
      York, LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc. If fly earlier or
      come back later, or fly on Saturdays, the price is a little
      higher, at $860 per person.

      Contact Nick Sohn or Danielle Kim at
      Sharptravel@... or (206) 464-1995. Mention that you
      are going to the Gathering or that you are part of the "Tim
      Holm group".

      Airport Information
      Upon arriving at Inchon International Airport, there are a
      few things you should know:

      (1) Volunteers ? Starting around July 31st, there will be
      volunteers at the KNTO (Korean National Tourism Office)
      desk ? GOAL volunteers and members of INKAS. For groups of
      4 or more, if you would like volunteers to meet you upon
      exiting the airport, please let us know your flight
      numbers, date, arrival time, and the number of persons
      coming on that flight. Also, for those needing any
      additional assistance, please provide us with above
      information too and we will make sure a volunteer meets
      (2) Money Exchange ? We would recommend that when you want
      to exchange currency that you do this at the airport. You
      will get the best rate. Don?t forget to save the receipt
      so that on your return trip, show this receipt and your
      exchange will be redeemed at the same rate you came in.
      There are also exchange banks within a block of the
      Sofitel, that are open from about 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Mon
      to Fri, and for a few hours on Saturday.
      (3) Transportation to the Sofitel Hotel ? To get to the
      Sofitel Hotel, it is preferable to catch the Korean
      Airlines (KAL) limousine buses. There are many bus
      companies operating at the airport, all with various
      routes, but the best, and direct, to the Sofitel is the KAL
      buses. Once in the Incheon terminal, after going through
      baggage claim and
      clearing customs, go to entrance way #11 and go outside. In
      front of entry
      #11 is the kiosk to buy tickets for the KAL limo buses -
      big, light blue
      buses that say "KAL limousine". It will cost you 12,000
      Korean Won (about US
      $10.40). Take Line #2 (Namsan line), and it ends at the
      Sofitel Ambassador Hotel. It comes about every 15 minutes,
      and the ride to the Sofitel is about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours.

      Dress Code
      We are requesting all participants dress in business casual
      throughout the Gathering?s days and evenings, with the
      exception of Saturday night ? black tie optional and
      hanboks encouraged.

      Tentative Planned Optional Workshops
      >From the responses the planning committee has received
      regarding the topics for discussion, the committee will be
      finalizing sessions by end of May. Below are possible
      topics for discussions:
      · Race & Identity
      · Adoptees Living In Korea
      · Make-up tips for Women
      · Search & Reunion
      · Adoption, Marriage and Children
      · Artist Workshop
      · Traditional Tea Ceremony

      Activities for Those Not Attending the Conference
      For any information on tours of Korea, areas to visit, and
      other site-seeing information for those who are not
      participating directly in the Gathering, please visit
      www.adopteegathering2004.org. You will also find a list of
      post-Gathering tours available for participants of the
      Gathering. Keep in mind that there are some differences as
      to whether or not additional persons can also go on these
      tours, so please read through each one thoroughly to see
      which one might best suit you. Also, some people have asked
      about return times to Seoul. Most of them should be
      returning early enough in the mornings so that participants
      will have plenty of time to catch afternoon flights. And if
      you need to return earlier than the scheduled time, please
      contact that particular tour leader to see if other
      arrangements can also be made - most should be able to
      accommodate other schedules.

      Call for Artists
      If you are an artist and are interested in displaying your
      work or performing at the Gathering, please email Jane
      Hansen and Hyosung Bidol at Gathering2004art@....
      This will be a good time to meet other artists in the
      adoptee community as well as an opportunity to display your

      Where We are Coming From
      Below are the countries of the people who have registered
      thus far for the conference. This will truly be an
      international conference.
      · Australia
      · Belgium
      · Canada
      · Denmark
      · France
      · Ghana
      · The Netherlands
      · Norway
      · Sweden
      · Thailand
      · United States

      The organizations below have been instrumental in
      supporting the Gathering and making the dream possible.
      · Overseas Koreans Foundation
      · Korea National Tourism Organization
      · INKAS ? International Korean Adoptee Services
      · Ch?ontae Buddhist Order
      · Korean Airlines
      · The Korea Society
      · Child Welfare League of America
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