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Press Release Source: Children's Home Society & Family Services

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  • Sunny Jo
    Press Release Source: Children s Home Society & Family Services Korean Officials Join Children s Home Society & Family Services to Recognize Mrs. Hyun Sook Han
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
      Press Release Source: Children's Home Society & Family Services

      Korean Officials Join Children's Home Society & Family Services to
      Recognize Mrs. Hyun Sook Han for Her Outstanding Commitment to the
      Children of Korea and International Adoption
      Wednesday April 28, 7:00 pm ET

      MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Children's Home Society &

      Family Services (CHSFS) along with many Korean Officials & special
      guests will recognize Mrs. Hyun Sook Han for her Outstanding Commitment
      to children and the field of International Adoption. Mrs. Han has been
      an integral part of finding families in the United States for more than
      8,000 Korean children. On Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 6:00 p.m. at the
      Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, MN CHSFS will host a
      recognition gala emceed by Ed Heil from WCCO-TV. The gala will be both
      an event to honor Mrs. Han and to raise funds to support the efforts of
      Children's Home Society & Family Services.
      ABOUT THE EVENT: The Mrs. Han recognition and gala event will be held at

      the Nicollet Island Pavilion at 6:00 p.m. Over 300 guests will be
      attending this very special evening. The evening consists of a unique
      reception with Mrs. Han and Korean officials, a silent auction, dinner
      and a culturally outstanding program. The program will be emceed by Ed
      Heil from WCCO-TV along with special performances by Hewon Kim (Korean
      Soloist), O Mio Babbino Caro (Opera performance), Ms. Lee, Young Hee
      (Korean National Treasure), along with special presentations from Dr.
      Yi, Song-Mi (Wife of Korean Ambassador Han, Sung-Joo), Mrs. Kim Myung
      Sook, and Mrs. Yoo Young Hak (Embassy of Republic of Koreas). It will be

      an evening rich with Korean culture and is sure to recognize the huge
      impact that Mrs. Han has made on the State of Minnesota, Korea, and
      thousands of families around the world.

      ABOUT MRS. HYUN SOOK HAN: Mrs. Han joined Children's Home Society &
      Family Services (CHSFS), formerly Children's Home Society of Minnesota,
      in 1975 after working for 11 years in the newly emerging child welfare
      field in Korea. Her career in Korea included establishing foster care
      programs for children through International Social Services from 1964 -
      1967. She worked for Christian Adoption Program of Korea from 1967 -
      1974, becoming its president and eventually merging the agency with Holt

      International Children's Services of Korea. After the merger she
      continued to serve as Vice President until 1975. Her accomplishments
      included the establishment of family foster care in homes found in the
      poor areas of Seoul. She was very instrumental in the passage of the
      in-country adoption law that became national policy in Korea in 1973.

      Her career at CHSFS was no less noteworthy. She helped expand Korean
      adoptions in Minnesota and produced a wealth of services for families
      with children adopted from Korea. She created a unique bridge allowing
      CHSFS to form direct working relationships with child welfare agencies
      in Korea.

      Mrs. Han pioneered post adoption services for children and young adults
      adopted from Korea and their families. These include Korea Day, pre-teen

      and teen groups and Korean Children's Day. Mrs. Han authored the book
      Understanding My Child's Korean Origins and was consultant on the films
      "Growing up in Korea" and "Our Korean Children." She arranged for
      hundreds of Korean social work professionals and government officials to

      visit Minnesota to learn directly about international adoption practice
      and its impact on children.

      For her pioneering adoption work and service to Korea's children, Mrs.
      Han received the Medal of Service from the Korean government, the
      "Social Worker of the Year Award" from the Child Welfare League of
      America, and in 2002 was the recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement
      Award" from the Korean American Adoptees Network (KAAN). On Thursday,
      April 29, 2004 her personal memoirs will be released through the book
      "Many Lives Intertwined."

      Dr. Yi, Song-Mi, wife of Korean Ambassador Han Sung-Joo
      Mr. Yoo, Young Hak, Counselor for Health and Welfare

      AeRanWon - Korean Birth Mothers Home
      Han, Sang Soon (Director)
      Ms. Kwon, Ji Hyun (Senior Social Worker)

      Eastern Social Welfare Society - Korea
      Kim, Do Young (President)
      Mrs. Kim, Shin Ja
      Mrs. Wee, In Sook (Director of Child Care Service)
      Mrs. Shim, Yang Keum (Director of AhnYang branch)

      SungRoWon - Korean Orphanage
      Kim, Chong Chan (Director)

      Social Welfare Society - Korea
      Kim, Myung Woo (CEO)
      Cho, Kyung Hwan (Busan branch director)
      Lim, Young Ohk (Director of International Adoption Service)
      Kang, Young Nym (Director of Domestic Adoption Service)
      Kim, Sei Yong (Director of the Gyung-gi branch)
      Park, Jung Yeol (Director of Gwang-joo branch)

      Holt International
      Lee, Jong Yoon (CEO of Holt)
      Lee, Myung Woo (Chief, Overseas Program)
      Sung, Kyung Hee (Chief, Post Adoption Program)

      Korean Government Officials
      Kim, Myung Sook
      Lee, Hwan Koo

      Mrs. Lee, Young Hee (Artist)

      About Children's Home Society & Family Services: CHSFS is the third
      largest International Adoption Agency in the County and the largest
      adoption agency in the state of Minnesota. In 2003 CHSFS placed 613
      children with loving families. The Adoption Services provided at CHSFS
      include: International Adoption (working with 12 different countries),
      Open Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling, Minnesota Waiting Children
      (finding home for children in the Foster Care System), and Post Adoption

      Services. CHSFS' Adoption program reaches beyond finding families for
      children; it also includes extensive International Child Welfare
      efforts. To learn more about the adoption services at CHSFS log on to


      Source: Children's Home Society & Family Services

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