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adult (east) indian adoptee fighting in court for the truth

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  • Sunny Jo
    a friend of mine, arun, is currently taking legal action in his birth-country india in order to find the truth about his identity. his case has been dismissed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      a friend of mine, arun, is currently taking legal action in his
      birth-country india in order to find the truth about his identity. his
      case has been dismissed by the high court but he is going to appeal in
      the supreme court. this adoptee-rights case is a very important one for
      all adoptees, not only those from india. arun has shown a lot of courage
      and has sacrificed a lot of his own time, energy and money on getting
      his basic human rights. IMO it is really unfair that he has to spend his
      own resources to find the truth. he deserves all the support possible. a
      legal fund has been created by one of arun's friends, in order to help
      him with the legal costs, more information can be obtained from
      <Dazichain@...>. if you'd like to contact arun, he can be reached at

      sunny jo


      Arun Dohle(30) is a German citizen, adopted from India. He claims that
      his father was Dinkar, alias Appasaheb Pawar, NCP Nationalist Congress
      Party chief Sharad Pawar’s brother.

      According to records, Dohle was born on July 31, 1973, at Sassoon
      Hospital, Pune. A German couple, Michael and Gertrude Dohle, adopted him
      four weeks later from the Kusumbai Motichand Mahila Seva Gram (KMMSG),
      after his mother allegedly abandoned him. He says that he was kidnapped
      from his mother.

      The Dohles were guests of Pratap Pawar (Sharad Pawar’s brother), who
      recommended them to the adoption agency. Arun Dohle says he suspected
      that something was amiss when the Pawar family refused to tell him
      anything about his biological parents.

      The DNA analysis done in GeneLAB, a German laboratory, on hair roots
      obtained from Rajendra Pawar, Appasaheb Pawar’s eldest son, show a 93.6
      per cent probability that he and Dohle are related.

      The supreme Court Judgement LK Pandey 1984 is very clear, all
      information should be given to the adoptive parents and there is no
      objection in giving this information to the mature Adoptee.

      Still in India the general orphanage "policy" is not to give information
      about the natural parents. They say they have to protect the
      mothers....But there is no law, backing this practice.

      Dohle filed a written petition in the Bombay High Court to find out who
      his mother is. But the court dismissed the petition, and he is now
      proceeding to the Supreme Court of India.

      What Arun himself says:

      I´m simply as many others on my way to search for my natural mother,
      pushing it since four years. I don’t want anything else, just my mother.
      It’s a void in my life that I want to fill.

      In the High Court, the Orphanage admitted that they never had a deed of
      relinquishment. Now they say it was an oral contract....Also they showed
      a file to the judge, so I know at least some information is there...On
      what ground my case was dissmissed by the High Court we still don´t know
      exactly, because we still don´t have the order.

      By moving to supreme court I hope I will finally get the information
      available at my orphanage. This will probably be a precedence case and
      pave the way for other adoptees and concerned Adoptive Parents. So that
      they can gather information about the natural parents.

      I feel very bad about dragging the Pawar family into this. I tried to
      talk to them and keep the matter discreet. But they stonewalled all my
      requests to reveal the identity of my mother. I decided to go public, as
      I had exhausted all other options.

      I realise the political implications and have chosen this time, as I
      know the impact would be greater. Since the elections are near, this is
      the only time that I can get an answer from the Pawars. I have no
      interests in India or any political motivation.

      I had a mother who probably wanted to raise and love me. I am not
      interested in what happened 30 years ago. But I want to know where my
      mother is. And if she is still alive, and if she needs and wants my
      care, I will take care of her as it is the duty of the eldest son, to
      care of his mother when she becomes aged.
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