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    . ART: ORGANIZATIONS : ART: RESOURCES : ART: RESEARCH : MUSEUMS: ART: Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)
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      Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)

      Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)

      Website Table of Contents

      About TFAO


      Grant Programs for Museums

      National Calendar of Exhibitions

      Reports and Studies

      Resource Library (includes articles and essays)

      Search the TFAO Website

      Special Projects


      About TFAO

      TFAO conducts the following programs:

      * Advocacy:

      Conservation of art collections

      Establishment of art museums

      Exhibition and touring of private art collections

      Educational programming

      * Financial assistance:

      Film viewing at museums and cultural centers

      Conversion of analog text to digital files and online publication of
      scholarly texts

      Recording and streaming of video and audio content for museums

      Transcription of podcast MP3 or MP4 files to text and online publication
      for museums

      Placement of dedicated computers in physical libraries

      * Operations:

      Digitizing analog text content with copyright permissions

      Expansion and maintenance of digital library, its catalogs and

      Guidance to arts organizations in using the Internet for education

      Guidance to museums on options for distributing, licensing and monetizing
      proprietary intellectual property

      Other programs relating to TFAO's mission where appropriate

      * Research:

      Analysis of methods, ranking systems, and human assets deployment
      regarding selection and digital processing of out of copyright, out of
      print / in copyright, and in print / in copyright texts (in the context of
      obtaining permissions from copyright holders)

      Development of new online publications in specialty areas

      Liaison with other non profit organizations for systematic approach to
      funding selected educational services

      Study of current and upcoming digitization initiatives to facilitate
      optimal allocation of digital library resources and to avoid redundancy

      Study of processes, costs and relative benefits of methods and sources for
      audio and video production, digitization and streaming

      Reports and Studies

      Author Study and Index

      Digital Libraries and Initiatives

      Museums Explained

      Mission, Organization and Accreditation





      Online Educational Programming for Museums and Art Centers

      Online audio: Museums may record and deliver audio recordings for both
      listening on personal computers, portable MP3 players and by cell phones.
      Online illustrated audio: A museum can create and stream online slide

      Online video: Museums may offer online video similar to to that provided
      by video on demand services of commercial cable television providers.

      Digital libraries: A museum can develop a digital library accessible
      online similar to the TFAO Digital Library.

      Financial assistance: TFAO provides financial assistance for American art
      museums to produce and publish creative online multimedia presentations.

      Planning, Organizing and Touring Art Exhibitions

      Resources for Collectors, Life Long Learners, Students and Teachers of Art

      Appraisals of Original Art Objects

      Auction Houses

      Authentication and Evaluation of Art Objects



      General Resources

      Lending Art to Museums for Special Exhibitions

      Prints and Reproductions

      The TFAO Digital Library

      Digital libraries

      Digitizing initiatives

      TFAO-dl overview

      Acquisition and deselection of content

      Content retrieval


      Web connectivity

      Durability and protection of content

      Open access

      eBooks and public libraries

      A vision of the future for digital libraries

      A vision of the future for TFAO

      The eBook future

      Related non-profit organizations

      Methods and costs


      National Calendar of Exhibitions

      American Representational Art Exhibitions Hosted by Art Museums and Other
      Non-Profit Organizations

      Museums [1]:

      2012 Museum Exhibitions
      2011 Museum Exhibitions
      2010 Museum Exhibitions
      2009 Museum Exhibitions
      2008 Museum Exhibitions
      2007 Museum Exhibitions
      2006 Museum Exhibitions
      2005 Museum Exhibitions
      2004 Museum Exhibitions
      2003 Museum Exhibitions
      2002 Museum Exhibitions
      July - December, 2001 Museum Exhibitions
      January - June, 2001 Museum Exhibitions
      July - December, 2000 Museum Exhibitions
      January - June, 2000 Museum Exhibitions
      July - December, 1999 Museum Exhibitions
      January - June, 1999 Museum Exhibitions
      July - December, 1998 Museum Exhibitions
      January - June, 1998 Museum Exhibitions
      Associations, Clubs, Institutes and other art organizations [2]:

      Associations, ateliers, clubs 2000 Exhibitions
      Associations, ateliers, clubs 1999 Exhibitions
      Associations, ateliers, clubs 1998 Exhibitions

      What is included

      These calendars reference exhibitions devoted primarily to American
      representational art. Not all exhibitions submitted to TFAO are included
      in calendars.

      Excluded content includes:

      group exhibitions of artist organizations, faculties and students at
      museums or art centers

      exhibits not deemed to be balanced in favor of American representational

      photography exhibits that feature photo-journalism or are by emerging

      computer-generated art exhibits
      video exhibits

      current and upcoming commercial gallery exhibitions

      exhibits on tour when TFAO has prior articles covering the traveling
      exhibit from early venues

      Online Catalogues Concerning American Representational Art

      American Representational Art
      links to dozens of topics in American Representational Art

      Audio Online
      a catalogue of online streaming audio recordings

      Collections of Historic American Art
      notable private collections

      America's Distinguished Artists
      a national registry of historic artists

      Geographic Tour of American Representational Art History
      a catalogue of articles and essays that describe the evolution of American
      art from the inception of the United States to WWII.

      Illustrated Audio Online
      streaming online narrated slide shows

      Articles and Essays Online
      substantive texts published outside of Resource Library

      Videos Online
      a comprehensive catalogue of online full motion videos streamed free to

      an authoritative guide to videos in VHS and DVD format

      general reference books published on paper

      Interactive media
      media in CD-ROM format

      a comprehensive list of paper-published magazines and journals

      Content Sample

      Selected Magazines and Journals Published on Paper Focusing on American

      American Art (magazine of the Smithsonian American Art Museum); back
      issues of articles are indexed by by author, subject and year of
      publication tel. 202-275-1625 The University of Chicago Press Journals
      Division contains a list of articles in the publication from 1987 through

      American Art Collector is written for collectors, galleries and painters
      of traditional art. tel. 480-425-0806

      American Art Journal (The) covers broad spectrum of American art. tel.
      212.541-9600 This magazine is published by Kennedy Galleries. A complete
      list of essays from back issues including 1969 to 2001 is available in the
      publication's web site.

      American Art Review covers representational art, noted for scholarly
      approach. ISSN 0092-1327. tel 913.451.8801. The publisher of American Art
      Review has published an back issue article index on its web site covering
      Volume 5 through Volume 17.

      Art and Auction mix of European and American art including auction reviews
      ISSN 0197-1093. tel 212.447.9555
      Artforum tel: 212.475.4000

      Art in America weighted towards New York art scene ISSN 0004-3214 tel

      Art Journal Published since 1941, this quarterly journal devoted to 20th-
      and 21st-century art is one of the most vital, intellectually compelling,
      and visually engaging periodicals in the field. tel. 212/691-1051, ext. 12

      Artist's Magazine devoted to the practicing artist. ISSN 0741-3351 tel

      ARTnews mix of European and American art ISSN 0004-3273 tel 800.284.4625

      Art of the West emphasis on Western genre art. ISSN 1047-4994. tel

      Art Talk covers Southwest art centers, mostly representational focus. ISSN
      0741-496X tel 602.948.1799

      Artweek Western states art coverage. ISSN unavailable 800.733.2916, tel

      Gallery Guide a magazine covering gallery and museum exhibitions
      nationwide. tel. 908-638-5255


      Special Projects

      Institutional Sources Study Project

      American Art Review Study Project

      Collections-Centric Scholarly Texts Project

      Individual States Art History Project

      Other Potential Scholarly Text Projects

      Resource Library

      Resource Library is an online publication of Traditional Fine Arts
      Organization devoted to American representational art, including aspects
      of both a scholarly journal and a popular magazine. It maintains a balance
      between both emphases, while building an interconnected body of knowledge
      including the relationships of American artists to their teachers in
      foreign nations and America, the history of American art centers, schools,
      ateliers and museums, the evolution of methods and styles of artistic
      expression, and changing cultural emphases over time within its field of
      About us:
      Services to institutions
      Scholarly text from private sources
      Indexes and information retrieval
      Submitting materials
      Content presentation guidelines
      Linking within pages
      Errors and omissions
      User Agreement and legal notice
      Readership information
      How Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications

      Find articles and essays for the following topics:

      Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies
      African American Art
      American Scene Painting
      Artists Abroad
      Art of Healing
      Art Museums, Galleries and Art Centers
      Arts and Crafts Movement
      Ashcan Artists
      Asian American Art
      Ateliers & Academies: 20th Century
      Athletic and Sporting Art
      Botanical Artists
      Cartoons and Comics
      Ceramic Tile and Pottery
      Crafts and Decorative arts: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st
      Decorative arts: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Equine Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Expatriate Artists
      Federal and State Capitol Art Collections: 18th-21st Century
      Figurative and Portrait Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st
      Floral Art
      Folk Art
      Genre Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century,
      Gold and Silver
      Graphic Masters
      Hispanic-American Art
      Historic Art Clubs
      Historic Art Colonies
      Historic International Exhibitions
      Installation Art
      Landscape Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Living Artists: 20-21st Century
      Macbeth Gallery Exhibitors
      Marine and Maritime Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Mexican American Artists
      Middle East Influences
      Midwest Art: 20-21st Century
      Military and Wartime Art
      Miniature Painting
      Moving Pictures: American Art and Early Film, 1880-1910
      Music in American Art
      Native American Art
      Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Southern Art: 20-21st Century
      Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting (for 1997-2000 includes Southeast and
      Southern American Paintings)
      New Deal Art
      Outsider Art
      Pacific Coast Painting: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington:
      19th-21st Century
      Photography: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Plein Air Painting
      Pop Art
      Postage Stamp Art
      Religious Art
      Representational (other): 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st
      Rock 'n Roll
      Rocky Mountain and Southwest Painting and Sculpture: 19th-21st Century
      Southern Art: 19th-21st Century
      Sculpture: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Self-Taught Art
      Society of Six
      Sporting Art
      Still Life Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      "The Eight"
      "The Ten"
      Tools as Art
      Trompe l'Oeil
      Western Genre Art: 19th-21st Century
      Wildlife Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century
      Women Artists
      WPA Era Art

      David Dillard
      Temple University
      (215) 204 - 4584
      General Internet & Print Resources
      Nina Dillard's Photographs on Net-Gold
      Net-Gold Membership Required to View Photos
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