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    Sorry I held this so long before sharing the wonderful news. I was sick when it came and am finally getting through the over 5,500 emails that had piled up and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
      Tyrelle Taylor Update Sorry I held this so long before sharing the wonderful news. I was sick when it came and am finally getting through the over 5,500 emails that had piled up and am just now seeing this one.

      Hali is a lawyer who's been working on the hill mainly on stopping evictions, especially at West Point. She's terrific!

      One of the problems she's helping Tyrelle solve is a stay-away order from all public housing in SF once he gets out. These orders are getting more and more common and are in some ways even worse than gang injunctions. Lawyers who will go to bat for folks on issues like this are so rare - thank God for Hali!

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      Subject:Tyrelle Taylor Update
      Date:Tue, 9 Sep 2008 17:38:29 -0700
      From:Hali Reiskin <hreiskin@...>

      Tyrelle Taylor Update

      Hi Mary:
      I met with Tyrelle today.  I let him know how loved he is and how you are all thinking of him.  He was happy to have gotten a book from you just yesterday and passed along a thank you.  I wrote to the Prison Law Office awhile back about his release date questions (related to the fight etc.) and I explained to him their message on how he can file an Admin Appeal Form 602 and that they will also be sending him information directly. 
      We talked about the presidential race, changes in the neighborhood and any other current events I could think of.  He mentioned that he misses the Bayview paper.  I sent him a subscription to XXL magazine, not quite the Bayview or a classic but he asked and needs all the entertainment he can get at this point.  Will send him some of my son's graphic novels, since the books have to be paperback and now I know he is getting them.  He mostly talked about wanting to leave.  He looks solid considering and was engaged.
      In regards to his civil case, I told him that I am trying to shop it around & sell it to a Pro Bono attorney and will keep him posted.  If he is still here (and not moved to Corcoran) I will pop up in a couple weeks if only because I have the bar card privilege and it seems so unhealthy for him to be without contact/news for so long (May 8).
      Please feel free to share the news with his folks.
      Take care and be in touch.
      Hali P. Reiskin
      Supervising Attorney

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