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Terrible news rock Bayview: the passing of 17 yr. Marcus Law

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Terrible news rock Bayview: the passing of 17 yr. Marcus Law (mesha Monge-Irizarry, Idriss Stelley Foundation, 5-1-06) Reverend Jeff Branner (Chair of the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2006
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      Terrible news rock Bayview: the passing of 17 yr. Marcus Law
      (mesha Monge-Irizarry, Idriss Stelley Foundation, 5-1-06)

      Reverend Jeff Branner (Chair of the African American Community Policing Relations Board, AACPRB South East Sector, meeting weekly at Idriss Stelley Foundation) came by my home today, recounting the shooting of yet another 17 yr. youngster "up on the hill," and going to comfort the surviving family and community members at the scene, shortly after the shocking shooting death of his own cousin, 22 yr. Donte Marques White
      at Ella Hill Hutch Center last Thursday...

      Six perfunctory lines on Monday, from Tanya Schevitz, Chronicle Staff Writer

      "Police responding to a call of a shooting at 7:15 p.m., found the second victim, a 17-year-old male who had been shot in the chest, sitting in a vehicle at West Point Road and Middle Point Road in the Bayview District, Oropeza said. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police do not have any suspects, she said. "It is just an unfortunate situation. Today's victims were young," Oropeza said. She refused to identify either victim".

      "JUST" an unfortunate situation? Another Young blood bites the dust, anonymously?

      I receive a call from Mary Ratcliff, editor of the SF Bayview : "I just can't get over what happened to Marcus..." and the horror unfolds...

      The shooting victim is Marcus Law, 17 yr. African American, who was the topic of many articles in the Bayview and Indybay 3 years ago, following his brutal assault by Bayview PD, at the very same corner in BVHP.

      Shortly after the assault of Young Brother Marcus, and "Baby Finsta" Lee Collins on August 15, 2003, at the hands of Bayview Precinct SFPD
      Officers Matthew Mason and Stephen Jonas, we hosted a press conference at the "Green House" on #rd and Palou, attended by Chief Fong, Commander Greg Surh and former Bayview KKKaptain Pucinelli, followed by a rally, march and protest "Shape Up or Ship Out SFPD" from Middle point and West Point Road to the SF Bayview Opera House.

      I remember watching Monica Autry, (currently President of BVHP Tenant Association), accompanied by her child Marcus, (honor roll student who just had won an academic scholarship and has never been in trouble with the law), close to tears at the Police Commission in September 2003, when Connie Perry, then President of the commission, peremptorily announced that the matter would not be heard at the hearing, since “You do not seem to be aware of due process: it is now being investigated by the Office of Citizen Complaints. It’s out of the commission's jurisdiction until the release of OCC’s findings.”

      Young Marcus' terrible fate is too reminiscent of our children lethal demise in Bayview:

      Tyrelle Taylor, then 14,brutalized by Bayview PD on MLK Day 4 years ago, is shot 5 times by Bayview PD in September 05 at the age of 17

      Markus Law, brutalized at 14, dies at 17.

      Thugs in Blue, manager mayhem of our Black children killing each other, while the men in blue provides the drugs and AK47... 12 Bayview residents currently about to become "death eligible" under federal law. The many facets of genocide... 6 lines under "Crime Watch" or "Casualties" in the corporate press, a life time of sorrow for our surviving families...

      Monica as I have been told tonight is not available for comments. Who would in these horrible circumstances... Our hearts are deeply going out to you Sister. No words could possible soothe the pain...

      Sweet beautiful Marcus, robbed of a bright future, a peaceful journey on your path to freedom, the freedom that was rightfully yours under our somber skies of Bayview. The best weather of the city for white folks to come and steal our hood, the storm and grief of war at home to us Black and Brown folks.

      We will host a press conference at ISF around the recent murders in Vis. Valley, Excelsior, Western Addition and Bayview, and the inertia of City Gov around effective response, stay tuned!

      How about a Bayview Guardian Angels contingent, and Bayview Copwatching? We provide the technology, and are actively seeking volunteers!

      ("Bayview Death Row", lets do the math:
      34,000 Bayview residents'
      35,000,000 California residents
      647 CA death row inmates + potential 12 Bayview folks= 659
      Bayview is 0,0001% of California but under federal law might become 5,45% of CA Death Row! All Black, all Poor, flight or fight, kill or get killed scenarios...How do we spell Genocide and Managed Mayhem?)
      Death row in the correctional system, death row on the street, from Tookie to Marcus, this needs to end !)

      email mesha at iolmisha@..., 24HR ISF Crisis line (415) 595-8251
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