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497a special appeal from Idriss Stelley Foundation, Summer 09

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  • isfonelove
    Jul 6, 2009
      A special Appeal
      from Idriss Stelley Action &Resource Center,
      San Francisco
      (Law Enforcement Accountability Direct Services)

      Redstone Building, Suite #209
      2940 16th Street, SF CA 94103
      24HR Bilingual Spanish Hotline:

      Director: mesha Monge-Irizarry (Idriss' Mom)

      SF, 7-4-09 Dependence Day....

      Dear Freedom Fighters and Allies.

      On August 20, 2009, my only child Idriss Stelley would have turned 32. but was killed at 23 by SFPD, 48 bullets, 9 officers, during a "psychiatric intervention".

      Without this horrendous occurrence, (shared through myriad of Stolen Lives at the hands of Law Enforcement), I would now play with grandchildren, help them with homework, and take them to my native Basque country every year as I did with Idriss from his birth to the time of his untimely death.
      2 months ago, I finally buried my son's ashes on sacred Olone Land.

      For the past 8 years, ISARC has been the sole grassroots entity in the city of San Francisco providing direct services to Survivors of Law Enforcement and Grieving Families of Loved Ones killed by police.
      We have served over 6000 clients locally, statewide and nationwide, and provide over 150 yahoogroups for Survivors, Families and social/racial Justice activists.
      We also provide individual counseling, Victory Over Violence Support Groups, pro bono attorneys referrals, and help individuals organize critical mass alerts and protests.

      Our services are free and confidential.
      We depend on the community to keep our doors open.
      Our expenses are modest, $225 a month share of rent, and client funds for low income individuals, who often come to us hungry or with no money to get on a bus back home.

      Since May 08, we host the SF_Chapter of Education Not Incarceration (ednotinc.org), and since August 08, FORWARD (Bay Area direct support services to Families of Parolees).

      In September 08, we founded SF_COPWATCH infrastructure and grew it to 91 members online. SF_COPWATCH has now merged with SF Migrawatch and moved on to be an independent collective, which is awesome !

      ISARC is now working on growing support for Justice4Hughes_DeLaPlaza, French-American citizen killed in SF on June 7, 2007 (SFPD and the DA concluded to suicide, but the French police came to SF last year and concluded to homicide at 100%)
      We are also growing support for survivors of electronic harassment.

      Unfortunately, our client base is not diminishing under the regime of "Hope" and "Change"...
      Our Justice4Oscar_Grant yahoogroup has grown to 332 members. and we compile an on going updated list of endorsers of Justice4Oscar Grant III campaign, that we share with other organizations working on this horrific case.

      Please consider giving us a hand !
      No donation is too big or too small....

      $5 provides a week worth of bus tokens for our poor clients
      $10 covers our DSL monthly connection for our clients to work on their outreach
      $20 pays for our monthly street outreach (flyers and cards)
      $50 buys healthy snacks for our Internship program kids
      $60 covers the monthly cell bill for a client in crisis
      $75 is the monthly cost if field trips for our interns
      $200 allows one of our client to file in federal court
      $225 is a month of office rent
      $500 secures our Stolen Lives yearly induction ceremony to honor our Client Families.

      Checks (non tax deductible, we are not 501-c3, to remain free in agenda and programs) can be processed to
      Redstone Building, Suite #209
      2940 16th St, SF CA 94103

      You can remain anonymous or we will be happy to honor your contributions !

      Thank you big time to Berkeley Copwatch's $200 generous donation of last month that allowed us to repair our computer,
      Cyndy Sheehan $250 in September 08 to Education Not Incarceration !!!!
      and Activist Naomi Finklestein of Seatlle who sent us a Dell Laptop !!!

      and Eternal thanks to Brother Orlando McGill for maintaining our websites !!!

      We are in process of organizing a benefit on Idriss B-day, 8-20-09, to raise funds to contine providing a safe, confidential space for our needy clients.

      In Unity &Respect
      mesha Monge-Irizarry, director
      (415) 595-8251