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495Hali visited young Brother Tyrell Taylor last Tuesday, update, inquiry to family

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Oct 6, 2008
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      Subj: RE: [ANOTHER Tyrelle Taylor Update]
      Date: 10/6/2008 9:47:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: hreiskin@...

      Visited with Tyrelle again Tuesday 9.30.2008.

      Tyrelle has not been moved to Corcoran and I will try to get out there every 2-3 weeks to check-in.

      Unfortunately this stay-away has been harder than hell to place Po Bono, so I didn't have any good news there.

      With my best hope (the Heller firm) dissolving, I am still calling out and leaning inhouse (and the default still safely inside the 6 month window for a set-aside).

      In regards to his release date questions, he received a response from Staff Attorney Penny at the Prison Law Office , by now he should have submitted a medical request slip & will hopefully soon see about his hand- (I have a friend who is now a doctor there and have I asked her to take a look at his
      left hand that won't open)...

      The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog: CA: Prison Law Office

      .. The Prison Law Office, a nonprofit group of lawyers who labor in the shadow of San Quentin Prison, has in recent years scored a string of ...

      Overall, Tyrelle seems solid, considering. I gave him the new SF Reentry Resource Guide- hot off the press from Adachi & Friends
      3rd annual Reentry conference last week.

      This is a great resource, with workbook like components he can plan with. I talked about the conference. We talked a bit about whats next. He talked about working in an office or working outside and how he will only be 22 when he gets out.
      He talked about having some kids,

      I offered to unload all 3 of mine on him (no, I didn't)... I couldn't help myself and gave my humble opinion that kids are the best but exhausting- that 40 is the new 20; people are starting this parenting business later & he has plenty of time and work to do.

      He asked about Obama,the campaign & when election is. Said he is working out but no access to much else. He will try to get a GED workbook from a friend...

      He had a visit recently (maybe from parole?) about post-release plans and wondered if he will be able to be released to stepmom. Will Shawn Richards @BAG be able to get him work, maybe one day start his own BAG type operation. 
      (Brothers Against Guns)
      Brothers Against Guns Inc
      Local (415) 920-7030
      8 W Point Rd
      San Francisco, CA 94124


      Hard to stress the importance of preparing
      when he has access to nothing right now.

      He wanted me to pass on a request for
      Grandma's address
      Stepmom K. Bishop's address
      3. For
      cousin to ask someone/Auto "to send $100 or at least $80".

      He has no
      envelopes, stamps or a pic (he is growing his hair out)...

      Wanted to tell Mary
      (RATCLIFF) hello and get).
      Wanted to tell Jeff
      (ADACHI) hello.
      I think I covered everything.


      Prison Law Office

      Prison Law Office
      2173 Francisco Blvd E.
      San Rafael, CA 94901
      Fax: 415-457-9151

      Show in Google Maps

      Show in Google Earth

      The Prison Law Office provides free legal services to California state prisoners, and occasionally to California state parolees. Our assistance is generally limited to cases regarding conditions of confinement. Further, the office does not typically assist or represent prisoners in lawsuits in which money damages are the primary objective. Instead, the office focuses on cases in which a change in conditions is sought. The office attempts to resolve such cases informally, if possible (by advocating to prison officials), or through formal litigation.
      Prison Law Office
      General Delivery
      San Quentin, CA 94964

      see also:

      California Prison Health Care Services
      P.O. Box 4038

      Sacramento, CA 95812-4038

      Telephone: (916) 323-1923
      Fax: (916) 323-1257

      Oct 3, 2005 ... Tyrelle Taylor, an 18-year-old African American Hunters Point sacrificial lamb, was shot four or five times in the back, then beaten, ...
      Foot notes from ISARC:


      19 Year-Old Shot in the Back by San Francisco Police

      San Francisco Bay Area,
      21.09.2005 01:07 Tyrell Taylor faces a hearing in court at 9am on Wednesday morning, September 21st. The Free Tyrell Taylor Task Force has organized to make several demands in support of Tyrell.

      Tyrell Taylor, an 18 year-old African American young man, was shot in the back five times by San Francisco police on Friday, September 9th. The SF Bayview Precinct newsletter stated: "Bayview Officers were involved in a shooting when a subject attempted to shoot them with a rifle. This is an open investigation involving an officer involved shooting..." No rifle was found at the scene. Read more from the SF Bayview Newspaper

      Tyrell Taylor was 14 years old when he was one of 5 youths who were brutalized by the police in Bayview Hunter's Point during the infamous MLK incident. On January 21st, 2002, the police held guns to youths' heads, and while they molested the teenage girls and brutally beat the young men, they threatened to shoot onlookers if they dared to interfere.

      SFPD gun down innocent youngsta in Hunters Point

      by Apollonia Jordan, SF Bayview
      Saturday Sep 17th, 2005 2:11 PM

      On Friday morning, Sept. 9, the San Francisco Police Department brutally terrorized and gunned down 18-year-old Tyrell Taylor.

      ‘They never once said freeze’

      SFPD gun down innocent youngsta in Hunters Point

      by Apollonia Jordan
      Police question the children they beat and molested on Martin Luther King Day in 2002. Tyrell is at the right, hidden by the officer. Police said that night, “As long as you people are here, we will act like this.” And they have.

      On Friday morning, Sept. 9, the San Francisco Police Department brutally terrorized and gunned down 18-year-old Tyrell Taylor. “They never once said freeze or stop,” stated Ebony, a neighbor and Hunters Point native, who watched from the top floor of her apartment on Northridge Road as the holice shot at Tyrell numerous times as he ran for safety, his shirt and jeans dripping with his own blood, into the house of Lata Price, another neighbor and close family friend.

      “I saw the police pull up – it was about three police cars – and they sort of blocked in the car that Tyrell and another guy was sitting in, in the parking lot on the top of Northridge,” said Ebony. “I saw Tyrell take off running out the car with a terrified look on his face, and never once did I hear the police say freeze or stop. They just opened fire.”

      Ebony continued to give me her account of what happened: “After Tyrell was hit, I saw Tyrell run into another neighbor’s house, Lata Price, yelling and pleading to her that he was in pain and could no longer run, due to the painful gunshot wounds.”

      “Once the neighbor opened her door to let him in and closed it, to prevent the police from shooting him again, the police kicked down her door and forced their way into her apartment and brought both of them out, along with a male in handcuffs.”

      This is not the first holice terrorist attack on Tyrell Taylor or any other youngsta growing up in the Hunters Point community. On MLK Day, Jan. 21, 2002, Tyrell was one of the five youth beaten and terrorized by police on Kiska Road, just up the hill from where he was gunned down Friday. He was only 14 then.

      On that Martin Luther King Day three and a half years ago, the holice held guns to the youngstas’ heads, and while they molested the teenage girls and brutally beat the young men, they threatened to shoot their parents and other horrified residents if they dared to interfere. Again Friday, Tyrell was terrorized and stalked by holice in the neighborhood he grew up in his whole life and lays his head at – his comfort zone.

      “The holice were very upset at the fact that Tyrell ran, and once they kicked down the neighbor’s door, you could hear
      Tyrell screaming and pleading for his life, and you could also hear the police telling him to shut the fuck up and the screams and pleas from Lata. It seemed like it took all day for the ambulance to come and help,” said Ebony

      It seems as if the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the brutality and poor treatment of Black people down in New Orleans has opened the “blood gates” for every police force to treat young Black people like shit. The police are now charging Tyrell – who enrolled last winter in the Job Corps training program, gained his California driver’s license and saved money from working a part-time job to buy himself a car to get back and forth to his training – with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

      Witnesses say that the police went around asking people to lie and be witnesses on their behalf, trying to force fear into their hearts. People in low-income Black communities are terrified of the police because they commit murders and break the law every day, yet they wear badges and can legally pack guns and “bully” clubs – murderers with a license to kill.

      These people see the police literally get away with murder and attack innocent people throughout the community. They are afraid because they believe that there’s nothing they can do about it, and the police use people’s fear against them.

      Amerikkka has been at war with the African American community since the beginning of slavery. Today, instead of slave masters terrorizing them, it’s the terrorist police. Instead of calling it slavery, it’s jail and prison. Instead of using whips and chains, their weapons of choice are “bully” clubs, guns, pepper spray and tasers.

      We can’t allow the holice to terrorize our communities and treat us like dogs. It’s time for us to stand up and fight for our lives and the lives of our children. You may not have known Tyrell, but what happens when the holice attacks one of your children or someone close to you?

      We’ve swept enough brutality under the door, but it’s time for us to take out the trash. This isn’t the first time they’ve done it and it won’t be the last if we don’t get it together as a community and do something about the way police terrorize our community and the places we call home.

      Email Apollonia at apollonian [at] sfbayview.com

      Hunters Point to SFPD: ‘Hold off!’

      This month marks the 39th anniversary of the Hunters Point uprising in 1966, sparked by police shooting a 16-year-old in the back. That young man died.

      Today in Hunters Point, everyone is talking about police shooting Tyrell Taylor, 18, in the back. They’re comparing it to the “shoot to kill” order against desperate hurricane survivors in New Orleans.

      “I was at work, but people started calling me soon after it happened,” said community activist Tenisha Bishop. “They said there were more than 30 witnesses, everybody shouting, ‘Don’t shoot him!’ It was a nice morning, and lots of people were outdoors.

      Mesha Irizarry, director of the cop watch group Idriss Stelley Foundation, named for her son, who was shot and killed by police, said that just as the “Peace Zone” event was taking off Friday morning in front of City Hall, one of the participants received a phone call about the police shooting, and shock and horror quickly spread through the crowd.

      Tenisha said that Hunters Point was bristling with police all weekend. They said they were searching for guns, but
      no gun was found.

      The Housing Authority police, too, were “all over” during the weekend, she said. They were harassing people “whenever we gathered together to talk about what to do.” Tuesday evening, she said, SFPD officers were going door to door in Tyrell’s building asking witnesses to testify.

      Mesha said in an email to Police Chief Heather Fong: “I respectfully urge you to hold off on your department’s rampant intimidation of our neighborhood, in terms of extensive and oppressive questioning of our residents around the shooting.
      “Our community is genuinely frightened for Tyrell and his peers … It is a miracle that young Tyrell has survived! God save us from any further homicidal pursuit on our children.”

      In a message posted to Indymedia, Mesha observed: “Sadly but not surprisingly the scandal of Tyrell Taylor’s shooting has not been covered by the corporate press.
      “The only mention of the occurrence can be seen in the Bayview Precinct (email) newsletter as follows:
      ‘Aggravated assault on police officer with a gun. 62 Northridge. 10:34 a.m. Bayview Officers were involved in a shooting when a subject attempted to shoot them with a rifle. This is an open investigation involving an officer involved shooting and I can not give any more particulars regarding the incident.”

      From all reports reaching the Bay View, the only guns seen by the many eyewitnesses were in the hands of the police. No one reported seeing a rifle.