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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Mar 15, 2008
      Dearest Sister Deborah,

      Thank you so much for taking the time & energy of a personal response within your likely busy schedule, and for your kind words.

      None of us who have had the honor and privilege to meet with your grandchild since the past 3 years, carry any doubt in our hearts that Tyrelle has a
      "higher calling", and is not already, on many ways already a wonderful asset to our community, whether he will or not be more focused on following the path of Jesus Christ

      I must add that while visiting Tyrelle, or seeing him in several court appearances, I never witnessed a ounce of
      "hate or bitterness", but rather was always in awe with his sweetness and candor, although an obviously very frightened young man.

      As we discussed in the past, I have utmost respect for your religion, as I do for all spiritual journeys,

      while still practicing my Basque Nation (pre-Christianism), Ancestors's teachings in celebrating the 4 Elements, as a Sacred gift to Heal our Earth, symbol of Love and Acceptance, and thanking the Divine Guidance for helping me walk the Path towards Peace at Home and Abroad.

      My child converted to Islam at 17, which gave him to give up being attached to material possessions, engage in any form of negativity, Idriss  became a vegan, and was from then blessed with focus, the eargerness to learn, strength and discipline, in ways more powerful than a mother's (tough or soft) love could ever give him.

      So I remain respectful and grateful for all faiths, as it nurtured his journey towards Peace, until his untimely death at the hands of SFPD.

      Much Love and Respect
      It takes a Village

      Subj: Re: Tyrelle
      Date: 3/14/2008 1:03:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      To: Iolmisha@...

      Thank you Mesha,

      I am totally "with" you regarding incarceration and brutality.  

      Because of my relationship with God, and my Faith in God..

      I must believe that God has a plan for Tyrelle.  

      And all of "the things" that have happened to him, including in the last 3 years, will not fester in him to become within a place of hate and bitterness which (I believe) can cause a person to remain "incarcerated" in their own mind and soul..

      but all of these experiences will be to PUSH HIM TO HIS DIVINE PURPOSE IN LIFE..

      Those things will not suppress him but PRESS him towards the mark of the High Calling, which is only found in Christ Jesus...

      I love you  and I pray Gods blessings which includes His healing upon your body, mind and soul. You are a very, very special person here on earth.

      Evangelist Deborah Hodges (TY'S GRANDMOTHER)
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