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481Police Commission in Bayview, Opera House, shall we show up People ?

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Feb 17, 2008
      How about a community show of force in public comments about the continuing false imprisonment of Black Youth Tyrelle Taylor
      and Royce Miller?

      and demand an update on the Gang Task force supervision, and public apologies to Sister Joanne Albernathy ?

       The Commission will hold its Community Meeting
      in the

      Bayview District,
      at The Bayview Opera House,
      4705 Third Street,
      San Francisco, at 6:00 p.m.,
      on Wednesday, February 27

      to hear comments from the public
      and Bayview Station Captain
      John Loftus
      public protections issues in the Bayview District.

      and who is protecting us from the "Public Servants"?