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474Re: support for Tyrelle

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Jan 22, 2008
      Subj: Re: support for Tyrelle
      Date: 1/22/2008 9:50:17 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From:    jeff.adachi@... (Jeff Adachi)
      To:    Iolmisha@...
      CC:    editor@...

      Dear Mesha - Thanks for your support! I will keep you posted.  Tyrelle's case is proceeding to trial this week. It would be great to have supporters present after we have picked a jury, which will probably be next week.

      Iolmisha@... 01/21/2008 07:23 PM
      editor@... cc
      Re: support for Tyrelle

      We could alert Youth radios ? Chalk ? Charles Carbone at Prison Focus? SureIy Alicia from Power could also muster some supporters energy ?

      I could email all Justice4Tyrelle suscribers individually and ask then to come to court in support ? I can do the same with Justice4Craig Holden  and Free GinaHinton suscribers, many know each other.

      I would help to know what Jeff specifically wants from the community, I do not want to be out of bounds...So if jeff writes an outline, I can get busy...


      In Unity & Respect
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