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470Free Tyrell Taylor: 18 year old victim of racist SFPD Brutality

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Sep 20, 2007
      Subj: Fwd: Free Tyrell Taylor: 18 year old victim of racist SFPD Brutality
      Date: 9/19/2007 8:58:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: nohid@... (joyce umamoto)
      To: Iolmisha@... (mesha irizzy-monge)

      mesha, you're on this, right? Sorry, but I can't keep up with all
      your justice stuff... but Ima with you, grrl!
      xo, j
      joyce umamoto
      nohid@..., san francisco, usa

      End the War NOW!
      antiwar march & rally
      Sat, 27 Oct
      SF Civic Center 11 am

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      Subject: Free Tyrell Taylor: 18 year old victim of racist SFPD Brutality

      Hello fellow activists!

      This is a general alert to any and all people who are willing and
      able to come to 850 Bryant Street on Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM,
      September 18th, in (I think) department 26, to participate in a show
      of solidarity with Tyrell Taylor.

      Ms. Patsy Taylor, Tyrell's grandmother, is my friend of many years.
      Her grandson Tyrell has been exposed to many of the worst possible
      abuses at the hands of racist SFPD cops: he was one of the youths
      beaten and groped by cops on MLK Day, 2002, and in 2005, he was shot
      five times in the back while fleeing police, a situation which caused
      him to be charged with assault(!?)

      When he was encountered semi-conscious, lying prostrate with his arms
      raised, he was already injured and bleeding profusely; the police
      then handcuffed him and proceeded to beat and kick him viciously,
      injuring his ribs and spine.
      The case of the shooting as well as the prior case of the beatings
      are under investigation.
      I am not sure about all the details of this current case, but I do
      know that it is highly unlikely for a young black man in the Bayview
      in San Francisco, especially one who has a high-profile case against
      the cops and the City, to get a fair trial in court, unless of course
      there is an energized community behind him.

      His current case is continued from the 7th of September, and Public
      Defender Jeff Adachi is his attorney. Court is scheduled to convene
      at 9 AM.

      Any other relevant details about the case should be a matter of
      public record, i.e. listed on the court calendar, at Municipal Court,
      850 Bryant Street, or you might try calling the office of the Public
      Defender, at 555 7th St.

      I promised my friend I would get the word out to as wide a circle of
      concerned activists as I could, and to me, this case reeks of racism
      and injustice! Please show up and support Tyrell!

      His story has been featured in 2 separate issues of the Bayview
      newspaper, his website is justice4tyrell.org.
      It is very late and my recollection of details may be wrong so please
      check me and "google" Tyrell Taylor and see for yourself.

      See you Tuesday :o)
      Don't bring anything that can hang you up in line, they search your
      bags at the entry, remember?
      Thanks a bunch
      J </HTML>