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kilCA01-Oakland Police shoot, kill man in Rockridge neighborhood; 3rd killed by cops in a week

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  • Michael Novick
    Oakland Police shoot, kill man in Rockridge January 29, 2011 | 4:07 PM | By Ali Winston FILED UNDER: Police, Oakland, Oakland Police Department,
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      Oakland Police shoot, kill man in Rockridge
      January 29, 2011 | 4:07 PM | By Ali Winston

      FILED UNDER: Police, Oakland, Oakland Police Department,
      Officer-involved shootings, Rockridge

      Ali Winston

      An Oakland Police officer directs pedestrians away from the scene of
      an officer-involved shooting In Rockridge on January 29, 2011.

      [UPDATE 1/30/11: Oakland Police have identified the dead man as
      Matthew Cicelski, 39, of Oakland.]

      Oakland police shot and killed a disgruntled boyfriend in Rockridge
      Saturday morning after the man allegedly threatened his girlfriend
      and officers with a knife and a replica assault rifle. Around 9:35
      AM, 911 dispatchers received frantic calls of a man dressed in
      camouflage and armed with a knife and a rifle in the 5500 block of Taft Avenue.

      According to police, at one point the man stood outside his former
      girlfriend's home and demanded she come outside. The man apparently
      threatened to shoot his girlfriend. Neighbors reported seeing the man
      jump a fence into the property when officers showed up on the scene.
      Her relatives ran outside, and officers could hear the woman inside
      screaming for help.

      A neighbor who requested not to be identified said he and his family
      were lying on their kitchen floor after seeing officers approach the
      house with assault rifles. They were on the ground when they heard
      five to seven shots.

      OPD claims the man was shot after he pointed what appeared to be an
      assault rifle at officers. It was later determined that the weapon
      was a replica gun. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

      The identity of the dead man has not been released. The three
      officers involved in the shooting have not yet been identified by
      OPD. They have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard
      procedure after an officer-involved shooting. The incident is being
      investigated by OPD's Homicide and Internal Affairs units, as well as
      by the Alameda District Attorney.

      Saturday morning's shooting was the third officer-involved shooting
      in Oakland within a week. Last Saturday, 20-year-old Raheim Brown was
      shot and killed by an Oakland schools police officer outside Skyline
      High's winter ball in the Oakland Hills: police say Brown tried to
      stab the officer with a screwdriver.

      On Thursday, OPD officers shot and killed 19-year-old Martin Flenaugh
      after a drive-by shooting and high-speed chase that roiled East
      Oakland. Flenaugh reportedly had two guns in his hands when he was
      shot and killed by police.

      None of the officers in this week's shootings have been identified.
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