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    KEEP THE TRIAL IN OAKLAND! Rally at Court Hearing Oct. 2 for Justice for Oscar Grant! Date: 9/21/2009 12:07:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: letters@bamn.com
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      KEEP THE TRIAL IN OAKLAND! Rally at Court Hearing Oct. 2 for Justice for Oscar Grant!
      Date: 9/21/2009 12:07:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: letters@...
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      BAMN E-MAIL ? 9/21/2009

      RALLY at Court Hearing to
      Keep Mehserle's Trial in Oakland
      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2*, 8:00am
      Rene C. Davidson Courthouse
      12th St. + Oak (near Oakland City Center/12th St. BART Station)
      (Change-of-venue hearing starts at 9:00 AM)
      * Details may change. Updated info at BAMN.com/OscarGrant

      Join the OCT. 2ND FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and invite all your friends

      Download flyer in PDF format

      Everyone who wants justice for Oscar Grant must rally at the courthouse on Friday, October 2. On this day, Michael Rains, the lawyer for Johannes Mehserle, the ex-BART officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant, will argue to move the murder trial outside of Oakland. The District Attorney's office has not yet indicated they will make any serious opposition to Rains' motion.

      From the point of view of the powers that be who want to protect the police, moving the trial is the easiest and safest way they can let Mehserle get away with murder. If the trial takes place outside of Oakland, Mehserle will almost certainly go free. In the past 15 years, police officers killed more than 5,000 people, and yet, because of racism, prejudice, and a legal system committed to protecting the police, not a single officer was convicted of murder?even when the killings were obvious and egregious. And if Mehserle is found not guilty in the face of the strong evidence against him, this would set an example for every single police officer that a badge is a license to murder. We must not let this happen.

      What affects the outcome of the October 2 hearing, as with every legal development around Mehserle this year, will be entirely a question of power, not the law. Everybody knows that if the people of Oakland had never stood up and fought, the law never would have been applied to Johannes Mehserle. As a police officer, he would never have faced criminal charges, nor made to stand trial for murder. From the beginning, the District Attorney and the courts have done what, at any given moment, they feel they can get away with to let Mehserle go free. It has required Oakland building a mass community and civil rights movement to get the justice system to act with any evenhandedness at all.

      Oakland has much to be proud of. Our mass organizing, the independent public investigation, and especially the actions of youth have won the almost unheard of: the murder trial of a police officer.

      However, now that several months have passed, the District Attorney, judge, and the powers that be are thinking that simply granting the formality of a trial was enough. They think that they just might get away with moving the trial to another city and ensuring Mehserle's acquittal. This is why they have dragged out the proceedings for so long.

      However, if we rally at the courthouse on October 2 and show that there will be mass outrage if Mehserle is acquitted, they will smooth the way for a murder conviction and keep the trial in Oakland.
      NO to Jim Crow Justice

      Mehserle's lawyer, Michael Rains, argued in his Sept. 11, 2009 brief: "The black community has prejudged Mehserle guilty of a crime." It is clear what Rains wants: no black people on the jury. What Rains wants is a mostly-white jury from the suburbs to have the right to decide how and under what circumstances young black people can be shot in Oakland.

      Rains' motion is undemocratic and racist. The people of Oakland have the right to set the norms of decency and civility in our own community. We have the right to establish safety for our families and loved ones. The people of Oakland?a diverse city of black, Latina/o, Asian, Arab, Native American, and white people that is proud of its diversity?are just as intelligent and reasonable as the people of any other community. And, like most everyone, we care about decency, fairness, and justice.

      Mehserle and his lawyer must not get away with Jim Crow justice. Join us at the courthouse on October 2 to rally and demand: "Keep the trial in Oakland!"


      Join the OCT. 2ND FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and invite all your friends
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