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Reds foment unrest using Oscar Grant?????

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      Reds foment unrest using Oscar Grant

      Amela Alijagic
      Issue date: 5/14/09 Last update: 5/6/09 at 2:15 PM PST Section:

      A crowd of about 100 people gathered on a cold and gloomy afternoon to protest the lives lost to police killings. The recent killing of Oscar Grant by BART police has unleashed a wave of reaction and protest. The Feb. 6 rally passed peacefully unlike the other protests that have taken place since the killing of Oscar Grant on New Year's Eve.

      At three o'clock a crowd amassed at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland, as the Bay Area Revolutionary Club opened the rally with letters of support and encouragement that poured in from all over the country. The rally, called "The March of Stolen Lives" was organized and assembled by the Bay Area Revolutionary Club. The club is a self proclaimed revolutionary movement aimed at bringing justice to what they call "the system." They aimed to bring together the families of the victims to provide them with support in their suffering and to eliminate corruption. "We're going to take this fight on to its very conclusion and victory…What we need is a movement that it's truly revolutionary, a movement that powerfully goes against the system...We want the families to feel honored and protected in our midst. And that's what we're going to do today," proclaimed an active speaker.

      As family members and supporters took turns to express themselves, passersby joined in with chants of "no more stolen lives" and "we are all Oscar Grant" in support of the rally. One speaker claimed, "we want to unite people...we're here for all of the stolen lives and to stop that once and for all."

      Families and friends took the stage one by one to share their stories of pain and grief. Mothers, wives, grandmothers, cousins and brothers took to the stage to demand an end to the unnecessary killings. "We're here to let people know that this is going on worldwide and nobody's doing anything about it," expressed Patricia Johnson whose sister, Anita Gay was killed by police in 2008. Participants in the crowd like Ozzie Hulk claimed that they want "our presence to show support for Oscar Grant and all other people who've been killed."

      The crowd featured many friends and family members of those killed by police. The atmosphere was one of grief and loss mixed in with anger and tension as police surrounded the congregation of people from all side. The area surrounding the crowd was lined with metal barricades, officers in riot gear, police cars circling the area and helicopters continuously buzzing overhead.

      The crowd was denied a march down Broadway even though they had obtained a permit to march. Finally at about 4:30 P.M. the protesters decided to change course and headed down Washington St. toward the police station. Riot-clad police officers followed the crowd echoing their footsteps, restraining the crowd to the sidewalks of the street.

      And thought at times some at the rally veered off-course by reverting to provocative slander and addressing their own agendas, the event remained peaceful. The event ended peacefully as the cold and night crept on.

      Dr. Muffinburg

      posted 5/20/09 @ 11:51 AM PST What is dissent when we continue to subjugate ourselves to the very system that oppresses us? Why do we need the system's permission to protest the system? Why abide by a system that suppresses our right to protest on Broadway? Why do "we" need permission to protest on "our" streets?

      The police are simply the enforcement arm of that system

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