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1986File - Partial list of endorsers Justice4OscarGrant

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  • Justice4Oscar_GRANT@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2014
      (a living document, updated daily by ISARC, last ipdate 2-21-09)


      * A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition
      * Abla Harara- UC Davis Undergraduate
      * Adrienne De Dantis, son Richard killed by police in Sonoma County
      * "Aesthetics Crew" (music group in LA)
      * Al Sharpton
      * Alejandra "Alexis" Duran , National Alliance For Prisoners Rights,
      ~ United for No Injustice, Oppression Or Neglect U.N.I.O.N
      * Alex Lyon
      * Alexis Duran, Prison Activist^& Anchor United for No Injustice,Oppression Or Neglect
      * Ambessa Negus/Cantave aka AmTheArt. Co-Founder, Co-Owner FIYAWATA-Grind 4 The Green (G4G) - Destined Nation Media
      * Afrikan milleniumn (editor Malaika Kambon,Kemet)
      * African People's Socialist Party
      * African People's Solidarity Committee
      * Agnes Johnson/Uthando Project, formally headed the Sean Bell Boycott Organizing Committee
      * Al Awda
      * Alan Blanes
      * Alice Huffman, CA state president of the NAACP
      * Alli Starr
      * Amnesty Internatioanl
      * Amrah Salomon Johnson *for ID purposes only: Director, Associated Students Women's Center, San Francisco State University
      * Anarchist Black cross of Thessaloniki-Greece
      * Angela Davis
      * Ankh Marketing,
      * Anisa Abd el Fattah, Chairwoman of the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW).
      * Anita Johnson Hard Knock Radio KPFA
      * Ann Garrison, SF activist
      * Applied Research Center (ARC)
      * Ara Jo, a cousin of Michael Chou, killed in 2007
      * Archbishop Franzo King (SF John Coltrane Church)
      * Art Way,Racial Profiling and Biased Policing Hotline Coordinator
      Colorado Progressive Coalition art@...
      * AshEL Eldridge
      * Asian Law Alliance (San Jose)
      * Assata Shakur.org / Uhuru African
      * Assemblymember Joe Coto, former chair of the Latino Caucus
      * Assemblymember Sandre Swanson of Oakland, chair of the Black Caucus
      * Assistance for the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (Mary Neal, Atlanta GA)
      * Audrey Lauby (DisabledKPFA)
      * AWARA, Alliance for White Anti-Racist Action at Sarah Lawrence College, spokeperson Harley Meyer

      * Bakari Olatunji, African People's Socialist Party
      * Barbara Lee, Congresswoman D-Oakland
      * Bay Area Anarchists
      * Bay Area Radical Women
      * Bay Area Revolution Club
      * Bay Area UFPJ (United For Peace & Justice)
      * Belinda Bellinger, organizer, student activist at Sarah Lawrence college
      * Berkeley High (team of students)
      * Bertina Grant (Oscar's aunt)
      * Bishop Kane
      * Black Activist Writers Guild
      * Black&Brown Equitable Drug Policies Coalition (SF_BEDPC)
      * BlackBrownUnityCommunity
      * Black Cops Against Police Brutality, Inc., (De Lacy Davis and staff)
      * Black Dot coalition
      * BlackLeftUnity
      * Black Panther Blvd
      * Black Repertory Theater
      * Block Report Radio
      * Brenda Onofre, circulating Justice4OscarGrabt petition at Skyline High Sch.
      * Bro. Kamel Bell
      * Brian Morgan (Courage Campaign)
      * Brown Beret Radio
      * Bryan Wiles, Peace & Freedom and Labor parties
      * Byron Hurt

      * Cathy Cade, photographer, personal historian
      * Campaign to End the Death Penalty
      * Carlos Antonio Rivas, Arlington VA losrivas@...
      * Carmen P. Saldivar Izsdan Itsa Ijii ~ Eagle Heart Woman
      (police murder /Grieving family member of Sheila Amaya)
      * Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
      * Charles Perez (for ID purpose only: SF Children System of Care)
      * CJA (Center for Justice & Accountability, Atty. Richard Konda, San Jose)
      * CLAER Program (Sharon Hewitt, SF)
      * Charles Rosavelt Pitts (Poet, Homeless Advocatem SF)
      * Charlie, moderator of PLAYAHATA.COM
      * Chauntel Allen (Bay Area)
      * Cheryl Onstad , Roger's Foundation, Prisonners Rights (Washington State)
      * Chimurenga Waller
      * Chokwe Lumumba
      * Christina Pelayo (Mothers of Murdered Children)
      * Cindy Sheehan
      * ClarenceThomas, Executive Board member of ILWU Local 10 in Oakland
      * Clyde Young, Revplutionary Communist Party
      * Coalition Against Police Execution:(CAPE)
      * Coalition for Police Accountability
      * Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)
      * Cole Power. defense Atty
      * Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB, Michelle Gross, Min.)
      * Colia Clark
      * Color of Change
      * COPWATCH:
      San Francisco, (with reservations about jailing cops, expense to be covered with our tax $'s...
      Redwood Curtain,
      and Seattle Chapters
      * Cora Lee Simmons, relative of Acorn Peters killed on the Round Valley Reservation in Northern California.
      * Cornelius "Corny" Hall, father of Jerrold Hall, killed by OPD
      * Courage Campaign (Chair Rick Jacobs)
      * Critical Mass
      * Critical Resistance
      * Cynthia McKinney
      * Cynthia Morse

      * Dave and the whole LE crew
      * Dana Bellwether (*For Id. purposes only: Impact !)
      * Dana Blanchard, organizer with Campaign to End the Death Penalty and Coalition Against Police Execution (CAPE).
      * Davey D,HipHop Journalist
      * David Bayer
      * David Santos, Bay Area Revolution Club
      * Dee Allem
      * Dereca Blackmon (CAPE)
      * Destined Nation Media
      * dignidadrebelde.com
      * DJ REVOLUTION aka LUMUMBA (Black August concerts)
      * Don Wiggins

      * Earl OFari Hutchinson
      * Eastside Arts Alliance
      * Eastside Cultural Center
      * Eddie Rosario
      * Education Not Incarceration, National Executive Board,
      ( + Oakland & San Francisco chapters):

      Azhi Shekarloo
      Chela Delgado
      Javier Reyes
      Jeremy Miller
      Jonathan Stribbling-uss
      Joseph Turner
      Linda Halperin
      mesha Monge_Irizarry
      Nancy Polin
      Nirali Jani
      * Eden James
      * Elbert "Big Man" Howard and wife Carole Hyam, Black Power Movement
      * Elizabeth Terzakis, International Socialist Org/AFT 1493
      * Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (Jakada Imani, Oakland)
      * Elmer Roldan (Community Coalition)
      * Estina Baker, new head of the NAACP IN NJ
      * "Everyone Who Cares"

      * FAMLE (Families Against Murder by Law Enforcement, president Danny Loyal Garcia, brother of Mark Garcia killed by SFPD)
      * Farmer Joe's staff (Oscar's boss Tam and some of the Mmarket's workers)
      * February Art murmur
      * Fight Imperialism Stand Together
      * F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism-Stand Together)
      * FIYAWATA
      * Fran Boogie
      * Franceyez Jackson
      * Francisco Dacosta, SF Environmental Justice
      * Frank M. Sifuentes, Xicano Activist, Historian, Conzafos/Literature
      * Free Palestine Association
      * Free the SF8
      * Freedom Archives
      * Freedom Socialist Party
      * Fremont High students marched with their teacher Candace
      * Fuerza Mundial Collaborative (Dorinda Moreno)

      * Gaza Action Committee.
      * Gene Pepi retired (Bart) station agent, * For ID Pupose Only: retired member Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU),former Steward - former vice-president ATU LOCAL 1555
      * Gina DeBaca, Mothers for Justice
      * Global Exchange
      * GHOST MACHINE GROUP AFFILIATED OBSIDIAN NATIONAL American Indian People's Resistance Movement of the 21st Century, Davis, California, Steve Jerome-Wyatt/Spokesman

      Keba Konte (photographer)
      Jesus Barraza
      Jocelyn Goode
      Melanie Cervantes
      Refa One
      Tony Carranza
      Third World

      * Gregory A. Butler, * For ID Purposes Only: Westside, NYC, NY Carpenters local 608 shop steward & webmaster of the GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE http://gangbox.wordpress.com [on behalf of his blog]
      * Green Party of California:

      Cres Vellucci
      Erika McDonald
      Susan King

      * Grind For The Green
      * Group of King Middle School Students, Berkeley
      * Guerilla Funk

      * Haiti Action Network
      * Hank Jones
      * Haymarket Books

      * Idriss Stelley Action & Resource Center (ISARC)
      * iLL-Literacy
      * Inkworks (Berkeley)
      * International Action Center Los Angeles (John Parker)
      * International Jewish Antizionist Network (IJAN)
      * International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
      * International Socialist Organization
      * Ise Lyfe
      * Ismael AbduSalaam
      * ISO (International Socialist Party)

      * Jack Bryson AKA Big Jack, (whose 2 sons were w/ Oscar when he was murdered)
      * Jack Heyman,executive board member of International Longshore & Warehouse Union Local 10
      * James Keys (for ID purpose only, Senior Action Center and secretary of SF City & County Board of Mental Health)
      * Jennifer Johns
      * Joanie Marquard (Workers World)
      * John Daniel
      * Jon
      * Jonah Zern (eninational)
      * Jordan Rustin Coalition,LA
      * Jornaleros de San Francisco (40 SF Day Laborers)
      * "Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal" sent by Hans Bennett Abu-Jamal-News.com
      * Jovan, 16, Berkeley Studenr
      * Judy Grahn, author, poet, Lesbian Activist
      * Julius Tajiddin, ": East Coast Preserve Harlem's Legacy
      * Justice4AsaSullivan (Kathy Espinosa)
      * Justice4Asa kiiled by SFPD (Mother of Asa Sullivan Kathy Espinosa)
      * Justice4Elliot&Larry Noble (Venus Noble)
      * Justice4GaryKingJr. killed ny OPD (Cathy Haber King and Gary King Sr.)
      * Justice4Gus Rugley killed by SFPD
      * Justice4KaylaEdwards (Theresa Edwards)
      * Justice4LouieArriaga, BlackGMC07 (Arizona)
      * Justice4SamuelMartinez killed by SJPD (Janice Blanco)
      * Justice Committee (NYC, organizer Loyda Colon)

      * Karen Saari, who compile the "Stolen Lives" books
      * Katrina Rita Diaspora Solidarity
      * Kazu (Global Peace)
      * Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor, author of the forthcoming New Orleans: An American Travesty
      * Keith Clark, Word Assembly Baptist Church, Oakland
      * Kenneth Kwame Welsh (* for ID purpose only: People's District Council, LA County CA (PG-RNA)
      * Keith Mohammed, NOI
      * Ken Epstein, reporter (Oakland Post)
      * Kenneth Johnson, Direct Access TV (Ch.29) Producer
      * KEV
      * Kev Choice
      * Kevin Epps. filmmaker, Mastamind Productions,SF HipHop Festival founder
      * Kiilu Nyasha, Black Power Veteran, reporter, anchor
      * Kim Rohrbach, Student, Tenants counselor and ally of Human Rights groups

      * La Raza Centro Legal
      * Larry Hales, Sirvivor of police brutality (FIST)
      * Latino & Black Caucuses
      * Latrice Dixon (Here To Stay Coalition)
      * Leadership Excellence
      * Lee Siu Hin, National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      * Leonna A. Brandao, New Vision Organization, Inc. www.newvisionorg.4t.com, MA
      * Leroy Moore, poet, disability advicate, long time anti-police brutality activist
      * Letter Carrier's Union 214, San Francisco
      * Local 1200

      * Mary Berg, KPFA Program Producer
      * Makani Themba-Nixon
      * Malachi Garza (organizer, Coalition Against Police Execution)
      * Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
      * Mandingo '
      * Marcel Diallo, proprietor of the Black Dot Cafe, Oakland
      * Marjorie Alice (African Americans for Barack Obama)
      * Mark Curry
      * Marlon Crump (Poor Magazine Reporter)
      * Martina Davis (sister of death Tow Inmate Troy Anthony Davis)
      * Mary K. Moore: Bohemian Grove Action Network / Sonoma County Police Accountability Coalition
      * Matt Nelson, Spokesperson, Milwaukee Police Accountability Coalition
      * "M.E.Ch.A. de SJSU" (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan)
      * Media Alliance
      * Melanie Metz, Marojuana Legalization Campaign, Ohama
      * mesha Monge-Irizarry, SF MOOC City Commissioner
      * Michael Eischenser, LABOR UNION coordinator
      * Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror
      * Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) www.mecawi.org
      * Mike Lifiti, brother of Big O, killed by SFPD
      * Million Worker March Movement
      * Minister Christopher Muhammad, NOI SF
      * Min. Keith Muhammad, NOI, one of leaders in anti-police terrorism in the Bay Area
      * Minister of Information JR Valrey
      * Mira Ingram, Disabled Advocate, SF MOOC City Commissioner
      * Movement for Unconditional Amnesty

      * NAFPR Members, National Alliance for Prisoners Rights
      * Nakhone Keodara (Gays United Network)
      * Nancy Lockhart, M.J., CLA
      * Nathaniel X Vance, The_Zetaheaven_Group
      * National Alliance for Prisoners Rights www.nafpr.4t.com
      * National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW)
      * National BLACK POWER PARTY:

      Brother Zayid Muhammad, national Minister of Culture
      Attorney At War Malik Zulu Shabazz,esq, national Chairman

      * National Council of Arab Americans
      * National Hip Hop Congress
      * National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
      * NEApeaceandjusticecaucus
      * Nicki Jones
      * Nina Serrano
      * Nirali Jani , teacher, doctoral student at UC Berkeley
      * NoJusticeNoBART Task force
      * Norma J F Harrison, Peace and Freedom Party.

      * Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100)
      * Oakland Leaf
      * Oakland Tech (team of students)
      * October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality,
      New York Headquarters
      Bay Area,
      LA (sent by Aidge)
      and Seattle affiliates
      * Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church
      * ORGANIZEOAKLAND@... (newly formed Oakland Copwatch)
      * Oscar Grant, grandfather of police victim Oscar Grant III
      * Out_of_the_Frying_Pan (Jodda Mitchell)

      * PACH, Police Accountability Clinic and Helpline,
      * Pam Africa, (MOVE9, Free Mumia Abu Jamal)
      * Pastor Erris Eggerly
      * Pastors Against Injustice (Pastor Wayne Jones I, Roanoke VA)
      * Pastor Humphrey
      * Patricia, FABLE, Freedom Archives
      * Patricia Johnson, sister of Anita Gay, killed by Berkeley police
      * Paul Barron, artists who did the Gary King Jr. "Grafiti Angel" in Oakland
      * John Paul Bell and wife Brianna Bell, PoliticalGridlock.com
      * Penny Hess
      * Peoples' Action for Rights and Community (PARC, Redwood Curtain)
      * Peoples' Movement
      * Peter Keane (UC Hastings College professor)
      * Plan for a Safer Oakland
      * Playahata
      * POOC Prisoners of Conscience Committee Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
      * Poor Magazine (Editor Lisa "Tiny" Gray Garcia,Poor News Network )
      * Professor Antwi Akom, Ethnic Studies, SFSU
      * Professor.Ramon Grosfoguel
      * Proyecto Common Touch (Tommie Escarzega, "Get Out The Jail Vote")
      * PUEBLO - People United for a Better Oakland, Director Rashida lost both her son and her husband on the same day through police violence.

      * Racewire
      * RacialJusticeBrigade
      * Randy Murphy, Survivor of OPD brutality
      * Rap and other performing Artists, DJ's & Music Networks:

      Arab Summit
      Art in Action
      Avery Storm ft.
      Beeda Weeda
      Boots Riley of The Coup
      BUMP Records
      Colored Ink (Javier Reyes)
      Cov Records
      Deuce Eclipse
      DJ Twelve
      DJ Green Lantern Feat
      DJ X1 of KPOO "Wheelz of Steel"
      Emory Douglass
      F.A.B. Feat
      J. Stalin
      Jaziri X
      Jennifer Johns & Codany
      Mister FAB
      Ner City
      Sean Kennedy
      Stacy Epps
      Te Fuck Yeah Fest
      Trash Talk Collective
      Two Gallants
      Uncle Murda/Crazy World
      Weekend Wake-Up
      Youth Movement Records
      Youth Roots

      * Raul (Curly) Estremera
      * Raymond Washington
      * Reginald James, journalist
      * Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist, "Rage, Fury & Healing" Justice4OscarGrant
      * Resource & Organizing Center
      * Rev.C. Herbert Oliver 341 New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11213
      * Rev. Daniel Buford,Vice President of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
      * Rev. Dr. Dorsey O. Blake, Dean of Faculty, Starr King School for the Ministry
      * Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr. of Alan Temple Baptist Church
      * Rev. Edward Pinkney ~ BANCO
      * Rev. Larry Pinkney
      * Rev.(archbishop)Fanzo King, John Coltrane Church
      * Rev. Zachary Kerry
      * Revolution Books
      * Revolution Club
      * Revolution Newspaper
      * Rich Grossmann
      * Richard Brown, BPM "SF8"
      * Richard Shapiro, police accountability activist, Sam Diego CA
      * Richard Wales, MEI Network, Martinez CA
      * Riva Anteen, Peace Activist, END ROTC
      * Robert Cruickshank, historian, activist, teacher
      * Roberto Ariel Vargas,*for ID Purpose only: Coord. Community Partnership Resource Center / Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, UCSF
      * Roberto Hernandez
      * Robin Glenn, Aunt of "Jody" Mack Woodfox who was killed by OPD
      * Ronald Cruz, UB Berkeley Law School student and BAMN organizer
      * Rosa Clemente
      * Ryan Peters
      * Ryan Saari of Notmygovernment.org

      * Salim
      * Samina Faheem Sundas, founder of American Muslim Voice
      * Sandra Rivers
      * Scott Campbell Brooklyn, NY (just moved out from Oakland) NYU Grad student
      * Sean Dugar, President of the California NAACP Youth & College Division
      * Seattle Chapter
      * SEIU Local 721, Los Angeles
      * SF Bayview Newspaper (Willie & Marie Ratcliff)
      * SF Green Party
      * SF Nation of Islam, 3rd Street SF (Mosque26b)
      * SF Peace & Freedom Party (Tom Lacey)
      * SFSU Women Center
      * Shaka Atthinnin
      * Shamako Noble
      * Sharon Jones, Shareholders of MLK-Marcus Garvey Square Cooperative Apts. Inc. United to Retain Their Continued Ownership of King-Garvey Co-op
      * Sharon Martinas
      * School of the Arts
      * Sis. Ameejill C. Whitlock, MSW Oct. 22 Coalition -Baltimore
      * Sis. Marpessa Kupendua, Afrikan Frontline Network
      * S.O.P.E. (Support Our People's Effort President Jamia Shepherd)
      * Socialist Viewpoint
      * Society of Spirit Menders/SOSM:

      Darwin Dias, Co-Chair
      Justin DeCastro, Co-Chair
      * Sonya Wahnee, mother of Andrew Moppin who was killed by OPD
      * Sophina Mesa, Oscar Grant's fiancee and tother of his daughter
      * Starchild, * for ID purposes only : Outreach Director, SF Libertarian Party
      * Starhawk, Author
      * Stephanie Montoya, sister of Jerry Amaro killed by OPD 9 years ago
      * Stephen Pearcy, Attorney and political activist
      * Stop The Violence In Our Communities (Mothers of Murdered Children)
      * Student Bodies from:
      Oakland School of the Arts,
      Oasis High School,
      "Rebels of Oakland High"
      Willard Middle School

      * Tanisha West, junior, Oakland Technical High School & organizer w/BAMN
      * Tara Batts,close friend of Julio Diaz, Killed by OPD
      * Tarikh Tehuti Bandele
      * Terry Howcott(terryhowcott.com)
      * The Cause Team
      * The Commemorator Newspaper
      * The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
      * The Loverbirds
      * The Organizer Newspaper (Socialist Organizer)
      * The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
      * The Stolen Lives Project
      * The Struggle Continuce Video Production
      * Todd Chretien (ISO, CEDP)
      * Tom Lacey, Peace & Freedom Party
      * Tommi Avicolli Mecca, longtime Queer Activist, Peacenik performing group
      * Tony Coleman
      * Too Short
      * Tracie Cooper
      * Trinidad

      UC Davis- Students Organizing for Change
      UC Davis- Students for Justice in Palestine
      UC Davis- Muslim Student Association
      UC Davis- MESA Council
      * UC berkeley (a team of students)
      * UC Santa Clara NAACP
      * UC Santa Cruz NAACP
      * UCLA BAMN, Los Angeles

      * Uhuru Solidarity Movement
      * Uncle Don B. Fireland Fanning
      * United for Equality and Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund

      * Val Barber, mother of Jessie Hamilton killed by Santa Rosa police
      * Vallerie Wagner (National Black Justice Coalition)
      * Van Hook
      * Vicki Leidner, Peace Activist
      * Vincent Jones (Jordan Rustin Coalition)

      * WakeUp Call Show (Augusta GA, Michelle Van)
      * Walter Ray Redmond, police brutality Survivor
      * Wendy Snyder, "white Uhuru support group"
      * Women's Collective of the Day Labor Organization
      * WOMEWarriors
      * Warrior Woman, director of the RED WIND OYATE-NATION
      * Workers World

      * Youth Media International
      * Youth Radio
      ^ Yuri Kochiyama,

      * Zion -I

      Not official endorsers, but "demand explanations"

      * Atty John Burris (Grant Family Atty)
      * Audrine Gilbert, Oscar Grant's Sister
      * Desley Brooks Oakland Council Member
      * Wanda Johnson, Oscar Grant's Mom
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