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Re: [Justice4Asa] Asa''s 30th Birthday Today

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  • marlon crump
    Happy Birthday Asa! Your spirit lives on through us all! Marlon. ... From: kespinosa1 Subject: [Justice4Asa] Asa s 30th Birthday Today
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2010
      Happy Birthday Asa! Your spirit lives on through us all!


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      Subject: [Justice4Asa] Asa''s 30th Birthday Today
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      Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010, 1:46 PM


      Today Asa would be turning 30. Happy birthday Asa!

      Having Asa gone from us sucks. How he was taken was wrong. Knowing he did not have a chance against those SFPD and their guns makes his death even harder.

      Today is Asa's day! I'm going to remember Asa for the great man he had become and the sweet boy that brought me joy. This is not always easy through my grief. Asa touched so many of us with his humor and outlook on life.

      Asa loved food. One time we brought him just a fast food hamburger home and he asked where the French fries were. That's how I learned he really liked French fries with his hamburger, so of course we went back out and got him some! This is why we eat French fries in his honor for his birthday and on the day he died (June 6th) every year now. They are any type on hand or sometimes we buy special kinds like yam fries (but he ate the regular fast food ones mostly with me when he was alive).  The hamburger/French fry combo goes well together and reminds me so much of Asa so it's fitting for his birthday.

      Have a slice of cake and remember the good times we had with Asa today. I know he would want me to be happy and still not forget the injustice of his death. Our wrongful death case against the SFPD who killed him is in limbo...BUT our time to speak in court on Asa's behalf will come. Asa was optimistic in life so I hold on to his words knowing he had hope for our futures.

      Thank you.
      Kathleen Espinosa and Family

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