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Fw: Endorsements to the October 22nd 2009 call

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  • Kathleen Espinosa
    ... From: October 22 Coalition Subject: Endorsements to the October 22nd 2009 call To: info@october22.org Cc: areas
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2009
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      --- On Sat, 10/17/09, October 22 Coalition <info@...> wrote:

      From: October 22 Coalition <info@...>
      Subject: Endorsements to the October 22nd 2009 call
      To: info@...
      Cc: "areas" <areas@...>
      Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009, 10:34 AM

          These endorsements can be found on the national website, www.october22.org, in the Endorsers 2009 button.

           People can email their endorsements in to this email address.  There is a button on the endorsement page with a connection to this email address.

            Endorsements of the 2009  October  22nd national Call:

      Families of People Killed by Law Enforcement

      Maria C Buuenrostro and Jose Luis Buenrostro (parents of Jose Luis Buenrostro, 15 yr old killed by OPD)
      Ophelia Randall Ealy, mother of Michael Randall Ealy (killed by Seattle police 12/28/98)
      Danny Garcia (brother of Mark Garcia killed by SF police)
      Robin Glenn (auntie of Jody Mac Woodfox killed by OPD)
      Rashidah Grinage (wife of Rafael Grinage and mother of Luke Grinage killed by OPD)
      Nicholas Heyward, Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward Jr. (killed by NYPD)
      Mesha Irizarry (mother of Idriss Stelley killed by SF police)
      Cephus Johnson (uncle of Oscar Grant killed by Bart police)
      Patricia Johnson (sister of Anita Gay who was killed by Berkeley Police)
      Yolanda McGill (mother of Terrance Mearis killed by Oakland police)
      Michael Moppin and Sonya Wahnee (parents of Andrew Moppin Comanche-Klamath  killed by Oakland police)
      Allene Person (mother of Timur Person who was killed by NYPD)
      Elvira Pollard (mother of Gus Rugley who was killed by SF police)
      Margarita Rosario, mother of Anthony Rosario and aunt of Hilton Vega (killed by NYPD)
      Zeporia Smith (auntie of Oscar Grant killed by Bart police)
      Family of Asa Sullivan, ( Asa Sullivan was killed by SF police)
      Art and Teresa Tims, ( parents of Richard Tims who was killed by SF police)
      Tiffany Townsend and Marsha Polk Townsend (niece and sister of Brownie Polk,killed by OPD)
      Juanita Young, mother of Malcolm Ferguson (killed by NYPD)


      Barrio Unido, San Francisco
      Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party
      Coalition for Justice and Accountability, San Jose
      Dyke Community Activists, Seattle
      Education Not Incarceration, SF
      International Workers of the World, General Defense Committee
      Idriss Stelley Action and Resource Center
      La Raza Centro Legal, San Francisco
      LELO, Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing, Seattle
      Oakland Copwatch
      OneFam, Oakland
      Oakland Educational Association (OEA), Representative Council
      Pastors Against Injustice, Roanoke, VA.
      Picture the Homeless, NY
      Poor News Network
      Radical Women, SF
      Revolution Books
      Revolution Club of the Bay Area
      Ricanstruction Netwerk, New York
      Radical Women
      San Francisco Bayview Newspaper
      SF Tenants Union
      World Can't Wait, SF Bay Area Chapter

      *(For identification purpose only)

      Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan Ma’at, N’COBRA*
      Reverend Dorsey Blake,  Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, SF
      Rev.  Daniel Buford, Prophetic Ministry,  Allen Temple Baptist Church *
      John Burris, Civil Rights Attorney
      David Campos, Supervisor San Francisco
      Laura Campos, Muralist
      Chris Daly, Supervisor San Francisco
      Dan  DiLeva, October 22nd Coalition, Seattle, WA
      Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party
      Timothy Harris, Executive Director of Real Change, Seattle
      Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, Neoyorquinos Socialistas, NY
      Dr. Tony Jackson, Psychologist, Prof. Of Psychology
      Wayne Johnson, Police Misconduct Attorney
      Jewnbug, spoken word artist
      Rev. Phil Lawson
      Greg Lewis -- victim of--and winner of lawsuit against -- police brutality, Seattle
      Dr. Loco, Jose Cuellar, Prof. San Francisco State University
      Leroy Moore, poet, journalist, social justice and disability activist
      Efia Nwangaza, African-American Institute for Policy and Planning
      Wilson Riles, Oakland CAN
      Karen Saari, researcher for Stolen Lives project
      Lynne Stewart, New York
      Samina Faheem Sundas, American Muslim Voice*
      Celeste Taylor, Pittsburgh, PA
      Rick Turner, Meaningful Nights at the Movies, Seattle
      Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Anti-Imperialist  (VVAWAI)
      Prof. Tryon Woods, Dept. of Criminology, Sonoma State University*
      Brian K. Woodson Sr., Servant, Bay Area Christian Connection*
      Linda Yedlin, Michael Randall Ealy Social Justice Foundation, Seattle

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