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Sonoma County Oct. 22nd Coliation March and Rally to Stop Police Abuse

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  • Kathleen Espinosa
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      Robert Edmonds - 707-292-7642

      Patrick Cadell – 707-373-0922

      Website: www.scdirectaction.org/o22

            Email: O22northbay@...

      Sonoma County October 22nd Coalition March and Rally to Stop Police Abuse

      The Sonoma County October 22nd Coalition Against Police Brutality is organizing a march on the evening of October 22nd this year, starting in Southwest Community Park (Hearn Ave. and Burbank Ave). at 5PM and ending at a rally in Old Courthouse Square at 6pm, as part of the 13th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. Like last year, we will be bringing people into the streets to raise their voices together in shared protest with an expanded focus this year on the decreasing availability of affordable mental health care in our county, the continued collusion between the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department and Homeland Security's Immigration office (ICE), increased police crackdowns on the homeless and indigent, and the lack of independent oversight over law enforcement agencies county and statewide.

      We areA collective of individuals and groups who invite you to get involved with organizing, endorsing, or supporting the residents of Sonoma County. This is our 2nd year of protest. Last year's march and rally was recognized as a powerful expression of community dissent and solidarity.

      What we stand forThe Sonoma County October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Abuse seeks to expose the systemic oppression of our community by local law enforcement. Last year, several hundred people marched in response to the unprecedented number of law enforcement-related deaths in Sonoma County. This year, we're expanding our focus to protest the many different forms of abuse that lead up to the most visible forms of police brutality. Our goal is to build an even more diverse, inclusive coalition of concerned people who feel that law enforcement in Sonoma County needs greater accountability.

      We welcome all those who refuse to acceptboth overt or subtle forms of police brutality, abuse, racism, sexism, classism, and ageism - the harassment of Latinos both documented and undocumented - the harassment of the homeless & working poor - the use of jails as de facto mental health facilities - the collaboration between ICE and the Sheriff's Department - the failure of the Sheriff to provide correct information to the Grand Jury – the jail's failure to dispense legal medication, resulting in human suffering and death - the political targeting of individuals or groups who exercise their constitutional right to observe our peace officers and engage in other legally protected activities - the increasing militarization of law enforcement - the usage of Tasers - an overly broad gang criterion abused by MAGNET - the decade-old neglect of a U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recommendation to implement Civilian Review Boards due to our extreme level of police abuse - the disproportionate ratio of funds allocated to law enforcement as other vital infrastructure, like schools and hospitals, close down – the media bias in law enforcement reporting and the portrayal of those who speak out as radicals – law enforcement's blanket denial of all fault for 11 years of deaths in Sonoma County, in spite of SRPD now in public shambles due to mismanagement - and the complicity of larger governing bodies of the County to not represent the People in spite of years of dialogue, community forums, and broken promises.

      We believe: that resisting these abuses of power is both necessary and possible. Please join us in speaking out to Unite! Resist! Liberate! 

      Volunteers and Organizers meet weekly: Sundays at 3 pm, Free Mind Media. 546 Pacific Avenue @ Slater in Santa Rosa. Organizers, endorsements, speakers, and other forms of assistance are appreciated. We will try to hold the meetings in both English and Spanish.

      Contact: Sonoma County October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Abuse www.scdirectaction.org/o22 O22northbay@... (707) 292-7642 | (707) 373-0922

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