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Hey Mama, mesha here with a question,(HipHop concert against Police Brut.)

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Dear Sister, I received a call on ISARC hotline from your son Asa Sullivan s uncle, William, this evening He is asking me what is the possiblity of a concert
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2008
      Dear Sister,

      I received a call on ISARC hotline from your son Asa Sullivan 's uncle, William, this evening

      He is asking me what is the possiblity of a concert in SF in honor of Asa and all victims of Police Brutality, and has a lot of performers lined up !

      I know that these Brothers back East
      Shafeeq Ali Mujahid

      Kalonji Jama Changa


      were working on a similar venture, ISARC grew outreach but have not heard from them since 2007.

      We had collected many endorsements for them ,including :

      The Men's Let's Talk Network (radio/internet)
      >email: menletstalk@...
      >City/ State: Kennesaw, GA  30152
      >Phone # 404-401-0233c
      Colia L. Clark
      National Director
      Richard Wright Centennial 2008(2008-2010)
      P. O. Box 5827
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128

      Can you send me a valid email address for William ?
      Is sounds like they might benefit from joining efforts ?
      Gracias !


      Date: 11/11/2007 10:48:26 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From:    antiracistaction_la@...

      Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 09:07:21 -0800
      From: defendingthepoor@...

      To: carldix@...

      This is the latest piece being circulated, feel free to pass it on to Comrades.


      No Stranger to the so-called “Long arm of the
      law”, the Hip Hop community is proving that as
      the politically charged rap group dead prez
      stated, “it’s still bigger than Hip
      Hop”. Lately, it seems the climate has shifted
      to a defensive position for many Hip Hop
      notables. From the Congressional Hearings to the
      Jena 6 calamity, many artists are beginning to
      utilize their microphone muscle to battle social
      injustices. The latest battle is an age old
      quandary: police brutality. Over the years we
      have witnessed outrageous brutal attacks by the
      “Boys in Blue”. We have observed everything from
      the beating of Rodney King and the unthinkable
      sodomy of Abner Louima, courtesy of NYPD armed
      with their weapon of choice: the common bathroom
      plunger. We were also devastated by the case of
      Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston and others.

      In 2007 the alarm has been sounded and the Hip
      Hop Community is responding. Nationwide, a number
      of organizations and individuals from the
      National Hip Hop Political Convention to “The
      Peoples Congresswoman” Cynthia McKinney have
      endorsed a new crusade called Cease Fire: Stop
      Police Terrorism. Cease Fire: Stop Police
      Terrorism is 5 days of resistance scheduled to
      kick off November 21, 2007, marking the
      anniversary of the Atlanta Police slaying of 92
      year-old Kathryn Johnston and it will conclude on
      November 25, 2007, marking the anniversary of
      Sean Bell the 23 year-old who was murdered by New
      York Police on his wedding day. EDI from the
      Outlawz, the Hip Hop group founded by Tupac
      Shakur has stated, “We as a people have to
      address this issue, in a more hands on
      approach. I’m not talking about violence, but we
      definitely got to address this situation, when
      they’re shooting down our young Brothas and getting away with it”.
      “They’re off the hook, grandmothers aren’t even
      safe in their own home, there has to be
      accountability”, declared Jalil from the legendary rap group Whodini.

      Plans for Cease Fire: Stop Police Terrorism
      includes vigils, press conferences, rallies,
      panel discussions, teach-ins, poetry and
      The goal of the Cease Fire Campaign is
      to educate and inspire people to rally around the
      countless victims of police murders, misconducts
      and false arrests in their areas. “There are
      plenty of organizations, artists and individuals
      that have been working around these issues, we
      are simply saying let’s fly under one banner…”,
      stated one of the key organizers, Kalonji Jama
      Changa of FTP Movement, “…this is something that
      is affecting all of us, so it has to take a
      collective effort”. A few other Hip Hop
      representatives that have endorsed the Cease Fire
      Campaign include,
      Hip Hop Against Police
      Crooked I,
      Stic of dead prez,
      Paradise Gray of X Clan,
      Immortal Technique,
      Jasiri X,
      Ernie Paniccioli and Bruce George,
      Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam.

      The Peoples Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney had
      this to say, “From full body cavity searches of
      black men on the streets of San Antonio to DNA
      samples taken from black men in Charlottesville,
      Virginia, America's ‘War on Terror’ has become
      for some a ‘War of Terror.’ It is time to draw
      attention to the actions of rogue police officers
      who target for harassment and even murder the
      poor and defenseless among us; and it is time to
      stop it. I support the Hip Hop Community's Cease
      Fire: Stop Police Terrorism Campaign”.

      Stay updated at www.Myspace.com/freeallpoliticalprisoners

      If you are interested in joining in on these
      efforts or if you are planning something for your area contact:
      Shafeeq Ali Mujahid


      Kalonji Jama Changa


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