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1/5: Another Underreported LAPD Unjustified Killing

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      1/5: Another Underreported LAPD Unjustified Killing

      A street wisdom can tell you, when a cops screwed-up and shot you, they just simply accuse you as a dangerous criminal who's going to attack the cops--that was what happened in Rampart police station decade ago.

      I was reading yesterday's Los Angeles Times' Metro Section, at a very bottom corner of the inner page, I found this story--an another outrages police brutality story underreported--wrongfully short and killed a people of color in the street.

      According to the LAT: "An
      LAPD officer shot and killed a man in West Los Angeles early Friday after the man allegedly brandished what police say was a cigarette lighter that "simulated a small-caliber pistol." The victim, an African American born in 1960.

      The article (and the LAPD spokesperson):
      - Didn't prove the victim was IN FACT involved in any crime, or the car he was driven was stolen, and no proof of anything had been stolen found at his car (as you can see at the picture below, the car is very new, and only item they were found on the car was "sacks of fertilizer and potting soil"--
      do you think a violent serial robber will just stealing a fertilizer in the 2 AM in the morning?)--which usually if proof of crimes happen (like stolen vehicle), they will spell it out--but they were very vague about this critical information.

      - There's no proof of pursuit (since he had stopped his car and walk through to the cop when he was hot and killed), nor any evidence he was going to attack the police officer with deadly weapons (like: gun)

      More disturbance, the cop refuse to identify the victim--and I still didn't see any press release and/or press follow up stories about this case.

      Even if the victim was in fact a serial robber using stolen car to stealing a fertilizer in the 2 AM in the morning and using his cigarette lighter to attack the police--the cop committed a crime using excess force and unjustly killings.

      Who knows how many other policy brutality and unjustly killings had been happen in Los Angeles (and other cities) we never know?

      Unless we're going to pressure the LAPD, the media and the City Mayor, the victim will never get justice, the police will never get punished!

      Call LAPD to follow up on this case and explain what happen!

      Tel: 877-ASK-LAPD Toll Free (1-877-275-5273)

      Also, ask your City Council Members to demand investigation and held LAPD accountable!

      Lee Siu Hin
      National Coordinator
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      ActionLA Coalition http://www.ActionLA.org
      Peace NO War Network http://www.PeaceNOWar.net



      Man killed in LAPD pursuit

      Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times
      Investigators work the scene in West L.A. where an LAPD officer shot and killed a suspected serial robber.

      By Paloma Esquivel, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
      January 5, 2008


      An LAPD officer shot and killed a man in West Los Angeles early Friday after the man allegedly brandished what police say was a cigarette lighter that "simulated a small-caliber pistol."

      Police initially said the man was holding a replica handgun that resembled a 9-millimeter weapon.

      The incident began about 2:15 a.m. after Officer Peter Mah, who was patrolling for burglaries in an unmarked car, saw a man who appeared to be stealing from a lumber yard.

      Mah, who was in uniform, followed the suspect as he drove north on Sawtelle Boulevard toward West Pico and West Olympic boulevards, said Lt. Ruben De La Torre.

      When the man realized he was being followed, he stopped the car and walked toward the pursuing vehicle with the lighter in his hand, said Officer Ana Aguirre.

      Mah, a 10-year Police Department veteran, fired "several" shots, killing the man, De La Torre said.

      The deceased man, an African American born in 1960, has not been identified pending notification of his family, police and coroner's officials said.

      Sacks of fertilizer and potting soil, possibly from the lumber yard, were found in his car, police said.




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