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Fong reports community policing progress (???????)

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    Fong reports community policing progress By Brent Begin, Bay City News Service (side editorial comments from Idriss Stelley Foundation) December 5, 2006 SAN
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      Fong reports community
      policing progress

      By Brent Begin, Bay City News Service

      (side editorial comments from Idriss Stelley Foundation)

      December 5, 2006

      SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - San Francisco police Chief Heather Fong released a 150 page report yesterday summarizing more than a year's worth of efforts to make the department more community friendly.
      (I'll say... A Nicer, Gentler Holice Department, You certainly have the thanks of Asa,  Tyrelle, Craig, Kathryn and Big O families)

      The report comes a day before the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to look into a foot patrol program in which a veto by Mayor Gavin Newsom was overturned by supervisors.

      According to the report, each district station throughout the city has been working in the last year to implement different plans that improve the relationship between officers and residents.
      (like in Bayview Hunters Point, threatening Black teenagers/ to sign admissions of belonging to gangs or else...)

      In the Bayview District, where almost a quarter of the city's homicides occurred this year, Capt. Albert Pardini is concentrating on getting more officers on the streets. Pardini also reported that officers would work on dealing with
      truant youths and lighting issues along with working alongside community groups.
      (really ? How exciting... However, The African American Community Relations Policing Board, south east Branch, or Idriss Stelley Foundation , both indigenous to Bayview, are yet to be contacted.)

      At the city's Central Station, on the other hand, officers were told to make robbery abatement a priority by working with residents in identifying repeat offenders who move through neighborhoods such as North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf.
      (how about cracking down on rich white meth and cocaine users for a change? Oh, my bad, these are not areas targeted for gentrification)

      The department's "community policing philosophy" also includes a renewed emphasis on foot patrols. Fong announced earlier this month that she had freed up 44 administrative positions within the department and those officers would contribute to the beat plans.

      How the chief's plan will mesh with the Board of Supervisors' legislation has yet to be seen. The Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi plan requires the chief to provide regular progress reports throughout the yearlong pilot program.

      In a statement, Newsom said the multitude of programs, which have been implemented since August 2005, are ways of getting city residents involved in their own safety.
      (Cool, but who will protect us from the "protectors"?)

      "Clearly, government alone cannot keep our communities safe," Newsom said. "It is only through true collaboration and partnership with local residents that we can ensure public safety."

      According to Fong, this emphasis on community policing is an ongoing priority for the department.
      (this is cute. Guess it was just a sin by omission,,,Contact AACPRB and ISF !)

      "The Police Department has long engaged in community policing activities and believes that only a true partnership with community members will we be able to make our streets safer," Fong said in a statement.
      (You got DAT right, Heather ! How about a jingle?)

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