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Happy Birthday to Asa

Kathleen Espinosa
Sep 8, 2015
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last day of fundraiser

dear comrades in Justice for Asa it is the last day of a 30 day fundraiser that I am glad I have been a part of. I have gotten to know Kat (Asa's mom) better
Lisa Ganser
Apr 11, 2015

We still need Justice 4 Asa!

We have 11 days left for the fundraiser on indigogo: igg.me/at/justice4asa We need continuing funds to help pay for the trial transcripts for our appeal.
Mar 22, 2015

WHAT?!? Sins Invalid has a local Spring performance! Please join us!

Please support Lisa Ganser and Nomy Lamm who dedicated their time to sit in court with me for Asa's trial while so many family and friends were kept out of the
Kathleen Espinosa
Mar 14, 2015

Support for Asa

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Kathleen Espinosa
Mar 14, 2015
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We are fundraising for trial transcripts for appeal

Please share and help in any way you can. In order to go forward with our appeal in Asa’s wrongful death trial we need to purchase the trial transcripts from
Kathleen Espinosa
Mar 4, 2015

Kat Espinosa has sent you a message via Indiegogo about the Asa Benj

Kat Espinosa has sent you a message via Indiegogo about the Asa Benjamin Sullivan Transcripts Fund campaign. Hi everyone. I hope you'll take a moment to join
Kat Espinosa
Mar 4, 2015

Check out "Asa Benjamin Sullivan Transcripts Fund"

Check out "Asa Benjamin Sullivan Transcripts Fund" on Indiegogo http://igg.me/at/justice4asa/shre/10045670
Kathleen Espinosa
Mar 4, 2015

Re: Jury verdict in

sorry to hear this news "America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, & New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland "..Tennessee Williams...
Oct 11, 2014

Jury verdict in

We lost this trial. If we can appeal I would like to. Thanks so much to everyone who have been following allong for more than 8 years. Thank you for your
Oct 8, 2014

Court this Week Tuesday and Wendsday

Court will only be in session on Tuesday and Wendsday September 23RD and 24TH, 8AM-1:30 PM. I am scheduled to testify sometime tomorrow before 1:30PM. Thank
Oct 5, 2014

Link to the facebook event, federal trial started 9-8-14

Justice 4 Asa Sullivan, Pack the Court Room on 9-8-14 !! | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/322477071258883/ Justice 4 Asa Sullivan, Pack the Court
Sep 9, 2014

Re: Courthouse location 8/8/14 trial has been changed

The trial starts tomorrow 8AM-1:30PM, Monday-Thursday except closed for two religious observence days. No court on any Friday. It may last 3 weeks so plan your
Sep 7, 2014

Asa's trial September 8TH in Oakland

Please show your support for Asa in our upcoming trial starting 9/08/14 in Oakland Federal Courthouse 1301 Clay Street, 94612. Cross Street 14TH St. two blocks
Aug 26, 2014

Re: THIS SUCKS! 8 years gone...

I think about Asa, and you all the time. Not just at the beginning of June. I still feel deprived of reuniting with my cousin, and every day I regret not
Jen K.L.
Jun 23, 2014
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