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  • kahlil_sullivan
    Jun 1, 2007
      I just wanted to ask everyone to please give a moment for thought,
      prayer or reflection on June 6th for all of the loved ones we have
      lost in our lives.

      My brother was never afraid to speak freely and when he did it was
      with life's vigor. Even though his life was silenced by those who
      choose to conceal the truth, his life will echo in my heart and I will
      remember him this way always.

      If anyone will be going to Asa's memorial site, please be respectful
      and mindful that people live in the surrounding apartments. The big
      tree and sidewalk in front of 2 Garces Street at the Park Merced
      Apartments are the designated areas for his memorial. Please leave
      only natural items beside the tree if choose to do so. Also, please do
      not interact with tenants of the buildings, if you must only then
      explain you are showing respect for a person murdered at that apartment.

      Be safe and take care.