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1Is there any excuse for more of this madness?

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  • mesha Monge-Irizarry
    Jun 9, 2006
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      Another Unarmed Young Black Man
      Shot Dead by SFPD on June 7, 2006

      Is there any excuse for more of this madness? Check it:

      Asa Sullivan, age 25, is SFPD murder victim number 17 over the past 10

      Asa, like all of the 8 other young Black victim of cop murder over the
      past decade, was shot while unarmed. The cops had no lawful reason
      for going to the house where Asa lived

      Asa had not broken any laws when the cops unloaded on his young body.
      In fact, no one at the home had broken any laws either. The cops
      claim that they got a report that Asa and others in the apartment were
      squatting there. The Parkmerced Apartment manager says that all
      occupants were legally in the house-NO ONE WAS SQUATTING THERE!

      Asa had a life. He was employed by Goodwill and was living at a
      friend's house at the ParkMerced Apartments next to San Francisco
      State University.

      Police Observers Working to Effect Reform (POWER)