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Visiting Mas'ha - letter from Sveva (European Jews for Just Peace)

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    From Sveva, a member of European jews for Just Peace and Italian Network of jews Against the Occupation, who is visiting Jerusalem: hi. the demonstration was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
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      From Sveva, a member of European jews for Just Peace and Italian Network of
      jews Against the Occupation, who is visiting Jerusalem:

      the demonstration was fine as you can see from gila's
      report. tirza brought a sign saying "europan jews for
      a just peace" which we held and a lot of pictures of
      us were taken. unfortunately not many people showed
      after the demo i went with doroth naor from new
      profile to visit the camp in mas'ha, were local people
      with the help of ism and iwps and people from the
      israeli peace camp organized a presence.
      it is incredible. people of mas'ha are loosing 97% of
      their land with olive trees due to the building of the
      separation fence. one man who owned 600 olive trees is
      left with one!
      mas'ha is close to the settlement elquana and used to
      be a flourishing place with a market where a lot of
      israelis went to buy furniture. the street is closed
      with rubble. a villager drove us through mas'ha to the
      next pile of rubble and from there we crossed the area
      on which the fence is being built. this is how the
      construction looks for now, while you can still cross
      it because it is not operative yet: hundreds of trees
      have been taken down to flatten an about 50 meter wide
      area. first you meet a pile of rolls of barbed wire,
      then you have to cross a ditch and then there is a
      small concrete wall which will support the electrified
      fence. after that there is an are where the patrol
      road will be and some guard posts. from where the camp
      is, you can see how crazy the track is, merely
      designed to steel land and water and to make life
      impossible to the people. the villagers don't have
      much hope to prevent the wall/fence from passing
      there, what they now hope to achieve, is a passage to
      have access to their olive tress.
      the wall/fence is no longer what it seemed to be, it
      is taking much more land and is being built also on
      the eastern side and according to a report published
      in yedioth aharonot last week, will end in two
      enclaves, one in the north and one in the south. e.g.
      hebron is completely outside.
      then we saw the wall which is being built around
      qualqilya, 8 meters high, on three sides. what is
      important to know is that all the surrounding villages
      has basic services (schools, hospitals, work places)
      in qualqilya and the access is now impossible unless
      they travel all around wasting a lot of time and still
      are not sure they reach what they need.
      it is pure harassement, designed to make life
      impossible and the land grab is far more extensive
      than it seemed. the road map is not even a small path,
      if you look at reality on the ground. the hyporcrisy
      is astonishing.
      as to the boycott, i would like to tell you of a small
      episode. thurday evening i went to a small grocery
      store in baqa in jerusalem and asked for some parsley.
      the lady in the shop took it out of the fridge, looked
      at me and said: "it is from gush katif, do you want
      it?" i said "that is a settlement, no thanks, i don't
      want it". she just put it back in the fridge and that
      was it. i didn't even need to ask, she just guessed
      that i was not the kind of person who would buy stuff
      from settlements and gave me advice. just wanted you
      people to know ...
      the next days i will spend more time in the occupied
      territories, starting from tomorrow when i have to
      meet some friends in ramallah.
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