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Belgium Jews speak out against Israel

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  • Steven Mills
    Information on work of members of the Belgium Jewish community. ... From: Peter Dye To: Sarah and Mark Harris
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2001
      Information on work of members of the Belgium Jewish

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      From: Peter Dye <petedye@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 8:28 AM
      Subject: Fw: Jews of Belgium state their position and
      commit themselves

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      > From: The Independent Palestinian Information
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      > Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 7:27 AM
      > Subject: Jews of Belgium state their position and
      commit themselves
      > i n f o p a l -- The Independent Palestinian
      Information Network
      > Appeal for a fair settlement of the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict
      > Jews of Belgium state their position and commit
      > We, citizens of this country, have decided to state
      our position
      > as Jews regarding the events that are setting
      the Near East
      > ablaze. As such, we feel it our duty to condemn
      the policy of
      > successive Israeli governments towards the
      Palestinian people, in
      > utter disregard of United Nations resolutions as
      well as of
      > fundamental human rights including the right
      to self-
      > determination.
      > In expressing our opposition to this policy, we deny
      the Israeli
      > leaders' claim to be acting in the name of the
      Jewish people. We
      > also wish to bear witness to the diversity of
      Jewish public
      > opinion in Belgium with regard to Israel, as
      opposed to the
      > picture that some representatives of the Jewish
      community try to
      > propagate. We refuse more specifically to be caught
      in a process
      > of predefined reaction which aims to divert our
      conscience and
      > deeds from supporting a just cause: that of peace
      based on the
      > recognition of a sovereign and viable Palestinian
      State alongside
      > the State of Israel, with Jerusalem as a
      capital of both
      > countries.
      > We consider that the Palestinian people's struggle
      for national
      > independence is legitimate. The occupation for more
      than thirty
      > years, in violation of the principles of
      international law, and
      > the forced exile to which the Palestinian
      refugees have been
      > condemned have lasted far too long. Any occupation
      will sooner or
      > later give rise to resistance on the part of those
      who suffer
      > from this occupation. The climate of violence to
      which Israelis
      > and Palestinians are today confined is the result
      of this long
      > occupation.The roots of the confrontation are
      > political and cannot be reduced to a merely
      religious conflict.
      > It is not enough to proclaim support for a
      peace to which
      > virtually everyone lays claim. It is also necessary
      to state the
      > conditions on which peace must rely.
      > - It is important first of all to implement the
      decisions of the
      > United Nations Security Council, and
      Resolution 242 in
      > particular, demanding an Israeli withdrawal from the
      > occupied in 1967. We believe that a Palestinian
      State will not be
      > viable if Israel maintains under its authority, on
      the West Bank,
      > in Gaza and East Jerusalem, settlements illegal
      in terms of
      > international law. The annexation by Israel of most
      of the land
      > on which these colonies have been set up can only
      result in a
      > patchwork partition of the future Palestinian
      State. Movement
      > between Palestinian towns or from a Palestinian
      town to a
      > destination abroad would then be dependent on the
      goodwill of the
      > Israeli authorities. How could a sovereign state
      ever be able to
      > accept such an arrangement? Yet this is what the
      > were offered at Camp David in July 2000.
      > - It is also important that the viability of
      the future
      > Palestinian State be guaranteed by measures to
      promote its
      > economic development and by ensuring the equal
      share of water
      > resources with neighbouring countries.
      > - The current plight of the refugees is another
      major obstacle to
      > real peace between the two peoples. The
      Zionist movement
      > instituted, after two thousand years, the Jews'
      right to return.
      > Fifty years on, surely the Palestinians are equally
      entitled to
      > demand a right for the refugees to return to the
      land from which
      > they were driven or, for those for whom a return is
      not feasible,
      > a right to compensation for the property taken
      from them.
      > Recognition by Israel of this principle would
      finally give the
      > Palestinians the justice they demand and would open
      the door to a
      > true reconciliation.
      > The Oslo agreement could have led in stages to a
      resolution of
      > the conflict if moves towards peace had been able to
      outweigh the
      > policy of unilateral decisions since pursued by
      > Sadly, this opportunity was missed.
      > In the light of the blatantly unequal balance of
      forces between
      > the two sides and leniency shown by the United
      States towards
      > Israel, bilateral negotiations between Israelis and
      > have very little chance of success unless pressure
      is exerted by
      > the international community and especially by the
      European Union.
      > The persistence of the current situation
      constitutes a serious
      > threat to peace and political stability in the
      whole of the
      > Middle East. We therefore ask the Belgian
      and European
      > leaderships to ensure that international law prevail
      and to act
      > determinedly so that Israel conform to it. We
      shall also take
      > steps to make known all the appeals in this sense
      issued by those
      > organisations involved, under extremely difficult
      > in the Israeli peace movement.
      > We share the hopes and beliefs of the many Israelis
      who long for
      > peace with their Palestinian neighbours and who
      today recognise
      > their right to a sovereign and viable State. They
      know that this
      > is the best guarantee for themselves to live in
      security in their
      > own country and to defend its democratic values.
      > As for us, we shall remain active until a just
      and balanced
      > agreement puts an end to a conflict that hitherto
      has brought
      > only suffering and desolation.
      > Brussels, 25/12/2000
      > Signatories
      > (227, 23-feb-2001)
      > Barbara Abramowicz, Bettina Abramowicz, Manuel
      Abramowicz, Marco
      > Abramowicz, Stella Abramowicz, Mateo Alaluf,
      Quentin Alaluf,
      > Valérie Alaluf, Daniel Apelbaum, Jacques Aron,
      Cécile Baldwin,
      > Emmanuelle Balzano, Georges Bauherz, Hugues Pierre
      Baum, Mylène
      > Baum, Joëlle Baumerder, Jérome Beghin, Marianne
      Berenhaut, Daniel
      > Berkenbaum, Ivan Berkenbaum, David Berman, Henri
      Bier, Sarah
      > Blau, Micheline Blust, Francis Borle, Dorette
      Brat, Ariane
      > Bratzlavsky, Carine Bratzlavsky, Inge Brinkman,
      Didier Buch,
      > Jerzy Buczek, Jacques Bude, Catherine
      Buhbinder, Maroussia
      > Buhbinder, Anita Chaberman, Rosy Chauvier, Sarah
      Chemd, Eric
      > David, Fransi De Villar Dille, Judith Debroux,
      > Devillez, Koen Dille, André Dimidschstein, Elise
      Draise, Gisella
      > Drenger-Nudel, Agnès Dumont, Nathalie Dunkelman,
      Maurice Errera,
      > Bernard Fenerberg, Patricia Fenerberg, Fanny
      Filosof, Maurice
      > Fogel, Danielle Frank, Norbert Frankfort,
      Thérèse Frankfort,
      > Annelise Früh, Laurette Frydman, Mady Frydman,
      Patricia Geller,
      > Geneviève Gendebien, Pierre Gillis, Victor
      Ginzburgh, André
      > Goldberg, Charles Goldenberg, Marianne Goldfinger,
      Rosa Goldman,
      > Charly Goldmann, Maurice Goldstein, Jeannette
      Goldsztein, José
      > Gotovitch, Louise Gotovitch, Anne Grauwels, Maya
      Grinberg, Simon
      > Gromowski, Catherine Gross, Elie Gross, Laurent
      Gross, Léa
      > Grunbaum, Julos Gruszow, Paul Gruszow, Marcel
      Gudanski, Marco
      > Gudanski, Michel Gudanski, Edgard Gunzig, Alfred
      Gutmann, Boris
      > Gvirtman, Sylvie Harold, Christiane Havet, Anne
      > Charles Herscovici, Paula Hirsch, Marc Hordies,
      Berthy Hudes,
      > Agnès Hurwitz, Henri Hurwitz, Manuelle Hurwitz,
      Léon Ingber,
      > Christian Israël, Lolita Iven-Abramowicz,
      Jean-Pierre Jacquemain,
      > Gaspard Jedwab, Virginie Jortay, Dolf
      Kacenelenbogen, Amélia
      > Kalb, Willy Kalb, Catherine Kestelyn, Simone
      Klajman, Anna
      > Klipper, Stéphane Kohn, Jacques Koplowicz, Rachel
      > Estelle Krzeslo, Edith Kuropatwa, David Lachman,
      Alain Lapiower,
      > Hélène Lapiower, Sarah Lefèvre, Cécile Lenkowitz,
      Florence Levis,
      > Allégra Levy, Rosine Lewin, Dominique
      Liebermann, Henri
      > Liebermann, Sophie Liebermann, Anne
      Liebhaberg-Scarpa, Adeline
      > Liebman, Michèle Liebman, Riton Liebman, Sophie
      Liebman, Claire
      > Liebmann, Daniel Liebmann, Jean-Claude Liebmann,
      Léon Liebmann,
      > Laura Liebstaedter, Lili Liensens, Christophe
      Lisart, Anne Lucas,
      > Arié Mandelbaum, Ariéh Mandelbaum, Marcelle
      Mandelbaum, France
      > Marage, Vital Marage, Chantal Marissal, Noé
      Martens, Thérèse
      > Massart, Nicole Mayer, Robert Minc, Yves Minc,
      Viviane Mora,
      > Irène Moskovic, Annette Nicolle, Josée Noël,
      Emmanuel Nudel,
      > Michel Nudel, Myriam Othmane, L. Pary, Tessa
      Parzenczewski, Jenny
      > Peper, Jean-Marc Picard, Manuel Piette, Alain
      Potaznik, Léon
      > Potaznik, Léon Prays, Gérard Preszow, Irène
      Prowizor, Fabienne
      > Raindorf, Jean-Michel Raindorf, Nadia Raindorf,
      Norma Raindorf,
      > Jacques Rajchman, Jacques Ravedovitz, Léon
      Ravedovitz, Adi Raz,
      > David Roger, Pierre Roger, Claire Roger-Wolf,
      Cécilia Ronsse
      > Nussenzveig, Suzy Rosendor, Sabine Rozen,
      Dominique Rozenberg,
      > Edith Rubinstein, Daniel Saks, Anne Sapir, Marc
      Sapir, Robert
      > Scarpa, Herman Schonker, Lisa Schonker, Noémie
      Schonker, Blanche
      > Schtourner, Daphné Simon, Jacques Simon, Dora
      Simonovici, André
      > Slezingher, Vincent Soubeyran, Michel Staszewski,
      Marcel Stelzer,
      > Marka Syfer, Georges Sylin, Henriette Sztajer,
      Gitla Szyffer,
      > Anne Thyrion, Daniel Tursch, Lisa Tzavara, Esther
      Vamos, Muriel
      > Vamos, Arnaud Van Cutsem, Simon Van Dessel, Eric Van
      Praag, Dan
      > Van Raemdonck, Pierre Van Thieren, Jean Vogel,
      Laurent Vogel,
      > Ludmila Vondracek, Bella Wajnberg, Henri
      Wajnberg, Admon
      > Wajnblum, Henri Wajnblum, Liliane Wald, Axel Wang,
      Nadine Wang,
      > Richard Wang, Mathieu Weemals-Rosenfeld, Thierry
      Wenes, Gilbert
      > Wolf, Larissa Wozek, Grégory Yarm, Léon Zaidenband.
      > Further signatures to this appeal can be addressed
      by e-mail to:
      > adhesion@....
      > This appeal will be made public at a press
      conference and will be
      > widely distributed. This all costs money. If you
      wish to help the
      > campaign, contributions -however small - may be
      > directly to Belgian bank account number
      063-9216842-34, which has
      > been set up for the purpose.
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